What's allowed!

I want to get a trailer load of stone from the local quarry( about 15 ks), what are your thoughts on the legality of such a journey?

Apparently it’s illegal if the quarry is more than a km from where you are.
I think …

The quarry will know…

No the 1 km was for walking and has now changed anyway.

I’m not sure, I have been to the builders merchants for ciment but to be fair we have 1/2 our wall out putting a new window in so actually fairly ‘essential’ to stop the house falling down!

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If a commerce is allowed to be open, surely you are allowed to go it to buy things? No different between stone and potatoes surely?


Think I’d prefer eating potatoes to stone :wink:

The chain of restos would have to change their name to Stone U Like…

see that there is a new attestation from today with 20km and three hours.
We have a good supermarket just down the road but would now like to go to a bigge one about 18km…what is the view, can we do that or will we get shouted at or fined.?

Should be ok. But of course always depends on the gendarme!

You were allowed to do that previously in any case!

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Not according to a grumpy gendarme round here who sent people back to the local Colryt…

We have been to Leroy Merlin’s which is 25k away a couple of times and the gendarme have not bothered.

The limit of three hours per day and within a maximum radius of twenty kilometers is for exercise or pet walking.

Don’t call me Shirley:)

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Never seen any gendarmes in the entire time of lockdown, from spring onwards.


probably related to the owner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We had a massive showing up in the first one, I was pulled maybe 8 times in the first month (pretty much every time I stepped out the door!). Nothing at all this time!

If you look at the choices on the attestation you ARE allowed to buy essential purchases from an approved establishment that is open. So, if the quarry is open it must be approved and you can go. No time or distance limit. However, is you have a suitable quarry 20Km from your home, questions might be asked if you chose to go to a quarry 300Km away.

At the start of the latest confinement I came across a small posse of gendarmes in our local village scruting the traffic as it passed, mostly on its way to the nearby supermarket. No-one was stopped as far as could tell.

Thanks everyone, went today and encountered no problems!