What's for dinner tonight?

I'm just cooking supper at SFN HQ. Tonight we're having ratatouille (well sort of ratatouille - it's my own version made from the leftovers in the fridge), new potatoes and liver. Oh, and salad too of course as we are lettuce addicts!

So what's everyone eating tonight?

spiced chick pea flour pastry pasties filled with red bell pepper, vine tomato and sweet onion fried in olive oil .+ salad with home made mayonnaise dressing with a desert of pear crumble with ground hazelnut, rice flour and brown sugar topping with soya vanilla cream...

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Kebab and fries. Nom Nom :D

just a simple pasta with chicken, mushrooms, capsicums and spring onions.

gym tonight so won't have time for much more.

very boring, home alone so just penne pasta with a knob of butter and cheese followed by the left over melon from lunch

I’ve just come across this old post, read it and realised that we are eating more or less the same tonight! I clearly need to expand my repertoire…any suggestions?

after reading online the announcements from the wicked witch of the west at the conservatives conference a large bowl of cold comfort and not much else.

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No dinner tonight, low cal start to the week.