Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Jane Jones) #181

If there’s nothing wrong with it as far as you’re concerned then fine. Tim did refer to a “lump of rubbery French supermarket cheddar” which implied that he did not find it to his taste. Personally I find there are very few supermarket cheeses I think worth bothering with if alternative sources are available.

(Mandy Davies) #182

Auchan sell a very nice crumbly extra mature cheddar as well at the traitor counter. They also sell that very strange orange cheddar that I’ve seen sold in slices in various supermarkets which must be what the French think cheddar is sadly. A good cheddar is as good as any French cheese in my opinion.

What always makes me smile is the enormous quantity of emmental râpé sold in all supermarkets. Seems to be very popular here. Most bizarre.

(anon88888878) #183

Possibly an attempt at ‘flavour’ Mandy ! :grin:

(stella wood) #184

I’ve often got a bag of emmental râpé in the fridge (and always some in the freezer). It’s a very useful last-minute addition to so many dishes… :relaxed:

OH likes cantal au lait cru… young or old…

and we both enjoy doing a cheese-tasting before buying something that looks interesting and/or is on special offer :relaxed:

(Mandy Davies) #185

I once used it in a cheese sauce and it didn’t taste of cheese at all. I guess it’s better for other things. I tend to use gruyere or cantal entre-deux now. If I can find a good cheddar though I will use it in preference to any cheese for a cheese sauce.

(stella wood) #186

Cheese sauce varies … I add a little mustard powder or parmesan if the available cheese isn’t very strong… and even a spoonful of Saint Agur Creme… just a dollop of that transforms so many things… miam miam.

(Bill Morgan) #187

Used a lot in cooking Mandy :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #188

Magret and ‘flat chips’, fried in the duck fat :yum:

(Bill Morgan) #189

The Magret was delicious, with Babeth’s sauce, Cream, juice of the meat, pommeau, ground three pepper mixture, salt! :+1:

(Bill Morgan) #190

Salmon Lasagne tonightn for a fishy change :yum:

(stella wood) #191

Chicken casserole (slowcooker since 9am)… phew, after a long, hard day… it’s wonderful to just take the lid off and tuck in… :relaxed:

(Mandy Davies) #192

Beef stew tonight and tomorrow.

(Bill Morgan) #193

Thats how we do those things, on the ‘flat top’ stove Mandy, enough for a few more meals in the freezer!

(anon88888878) #194

Ham & Cheese toasties - main meal at lunchtime for us :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #195

Normally for us too… depends on what is in the Diary…

(anon88888878) #196

Absolutely Stella!!

(Ann Coe) #197

Joy, I am being ‘wheeled out’ to a friend’s house tonight for dinner. Don’t know what I will be having but looking forward to a change from soups :smiley:

(anon88888878) #198

Fill your boots Ann - hope the recovery is going well!! :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #199

Chicken Tajine, couscous :yum:

(Véronique Langlands) #200

Spargel because it is Spargelzeit :grin::grin::grin: