Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Timothy Cole) #201

Home made chicken madras with naans and pilau rice, already had a glass of wine and some Bombay mix as an apero.

(Ann Coe) #202

Thanks Simon, I’m getting there and will be able to soon remove the brace :grin:
I had a lovely meal with friends last night. After aperos we had a delicious quiche, this was followed by a mixed vegetable dish that included spinach and ricotta cheese in the interior and was topped off by more cheese. To follow we had apple pie.
Lots of discussions on all sorts of topics around the table (bit like here really) with some good friends, so a great evening :hugs:

(stella wood) #203

Isn’t it wonderful when someone else does the cooking… :relaxed: were you a mixed bag (languages) ??

(Ann Coe) #204

Yes Stella it was wonderful to have a meal cooked, and not know beforehand what it would be.
We were, 3 French, I Belgium and me so an evening of French + some Flemish thrown in for good measure :laughing:
Lively discussions abounded, including the very real concern of my Belgium friend about the Islam party’s proposal of segregation of men and women on public transport. But hey ho that’s a whole new can of worms so I will stop there !:zipper_mouth_face:

(Bill Morgan) #205

Still thinking about it :thinking:

(Bill Morgan) #206

Decision!!! Boeuf Carott, with CHIPS :grinning::+1:

(James Higginson) #207

Half a roasted pigs head :slight_smile: :pig:

(Bill Morgan) #208

Oink! :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #209

Lasagne :yum:

(anon88888878) #210

Something light - had a McDo (Mexican wrap, wedges and caramel vanilla sundae) at lunchtime - first time since Adam was a boy - better half visiting the MIL in the old country so thought I’d get one in under the radar :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Although it made me feel shi*…

I was always a bit like that with Fish & Chips (or Fish & Ships as displayed on our local Intermarché Bistro menu!!) - wanted it, had it, felt shi* afterwards…CLV!!

(Bill Morgan) #211

I’m like that, even after a good French meal at lunchtime, enjoy it but it Knocks me out, just want to find a tree to lie under, not had a Mc Do for many Many years, I sympathize Simon :wink:

(stella wood) #212

I seem to recall… I had a McDo… once… that was quite enough…:anguished:

(Véronique Langlands) #213

Spargel again because, as I said before, it’s Spargelzeit :grin:

(Helen Wright) #214

Cheddar cheese and slices of black tomatoes on pumpkin seed toast…dipped in black pepper sauce…followed by caramel and vanilla ice cream…x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #215

I’ve got to ask…what’s spargelzeit…??? x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #216

Asparagus time? :thinking:

(Helen Wright) #217

I’m thinking it sounds sort of German…??? Asperges being French for asparagus…??? x :slight_smile:

(Véronique Langlands) #218

Asparagus, I’m in south-western Germany (Baden) at the moment and it is an obsession - everything is asparagus-oriented (even ice-cream) but usually you just eat a kilo or so of lovely white stalks with hollandaise, a bit of ham and kratzete (eggy pancakes fried in lard) ultra-delicious. So you see signs up everywhere saying ‘Spargelzeit’.:slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #219

Noooo Simon, how could you ?
The last time I had a McDo was several years ago, it was a takeaway while on holiday. Briefly, I was on holiday with mum and ‘my partner’, we had an overnight stay in Orange, if I remember correctly. Mum was too tired to go out to a restaurant so we found a McDo ( fast food makes you sick quick) and took the food back to the B&B.
Berk, horrible, even the receptionists dog didn’t want it!
Hang your head in shame that a great cook like you can resort to this, confess your sins to your OH and don’t do it again :rofl:

(Ann Coe) #220

I love Asparagus Véronique, must say I have never had ice cream though ! It’s just arrived here in the local markets and I had some prepared for me by a friend. One of my favourite ways is cooked, then served cold dipped in a vinagerette …
Have a great stay in Baden, thinking of you with a huge stein of beer in hand :beer::beer::beer::wink: