Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Helen Wright) #241

My next door neighbour gave me these beauties…so

leek and pasta bake today… x :slight_smile:

(Timothy Cole) #242

We’re having a fry up apparently, no idea why but I don’t make the rules in our house.

(Helen Wright) #243

Haven’t felt like eating today…my mom has been rushed into hospital in uk…I say rushed but we are just now approaching the 11th hour…

(Mark Robbins) #244

Sorry to hear that Helen

(Bill Morgan) #245

Best Wishes Helen :heart:

(Helen Wright) #246

Thankyou Mark Thankyou Bill…11 hours from Emergency doctor’s appt to admittance onto a ward…15 hours if you count time trying to get through to the surgery…(plus that moment when you find yourself wishing that the UK would accept a positive titre test for rabies…Note to self: 3 years Rabies boosters in case we need to travel back urgently…)

(Jane Jones) #247

Hope she’s now doing well after that ordeal.

(Bill Morgan) #248

Salmon Gratin, Red fruit Crumble for Pud :yum:

(Jane Jones) #249

You score 10 points for oily fish! Enjoy it…

(Bill Morgan) #250

I did Jane, twas excellent, lovely veg too, good cook Madam :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #251

Hows Mum Helen?, jeepers, that was not good, 11hrs from first calling, if I am unfortunate enough to be ill, pleased to be here :thinking:

(Timothy Cole) #252

We ate on the terrace overlooking our estate last night, - tuna and anchovie salad for me.

Probably barbecue tonight, not sure what I’ll be cooking though. Have a state visit starting tomorrow (sister and BIL) so will have to be on my best behaviour.

(Bill Morgan) #253

Good thinking Tim’ may have a barby over the W/E forecast is 26° for Sat :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #254

Tonight not a clue, stuffed with Moule Frites at lunchtime in La Roche Bernard, but will have to consider the matter, Madam was/is working, :thinking:

(Timothy Cole) #255

Barbie’s all prepped, Toulouse sausages bought and salad made, Greene King IPA chilling in the fridge ready for aperos.

(James Higginson) #256

BBQ again here too. Steak, sausages and baked spuds with aïoli :slight_smile: and a beer or two

(Helen Wright) #257

She’s been transferred to a specialist ward at a different hospital (at midnight…!) so hopefully in safer hands now…She spent three hours on the floor of the doctors surgery…who couldn’t have been kinder and kept calling the ambulance Services…but even a controlled admission by her own doctor to A&E and onto an admittance Ward was 48 hours of hell for her…My daughter stayed with her all those hours…after she left her doctor there was no attention given to her insulin requirements (insulin dependent) or food intake nor the complication that necessitated the emergency appt in the first place… She never complains but seems like the A&E department just do not have the resources to care…Thankyou all so much for caring…:heart:

(Véronique Langlands) #258

That is terrible, how grim for her and what a worry for you. Unbelievable there’s no joined-up care.

(Helen Wright) #259

It’s difficult to pinpoint where the exact problem lies and to apportion blame…I’m talking about an elderly lady kind gentle optimistic mentally sound even though her body is failing her…a myriad of physical problems even before the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes a few years ago…Her own doctor is brilliant and her diabetic nurse at the surgery is great…My daughter has been horrified by the lack of care exhibited by A&E…she’s currently trying to decide on a career path…which degree to go for…social services…domestic violence…care of the elderly…these events turn our world upside down…x :frowning:

(James Higginson) #260