Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Mandy Davies) #343

Thank you Babeth. Will maybe give it a go.

Bill told me you were an accountant. Me too!! Do you work for yourself or a company of accountants?

(Elisabeth Morgan) #344

Oh that’s nice ! I’ve been working for companies, 15 years in Chiquita :banana: , then other small ones and now for a charity. I’m doing the payroll too. What about you ?

(Mandy Davies) #345

My qualifications are not recognised in France sadly (I’m a Certified Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser) so I haven’t worked in accountancy since I’ve been here. In the UK I worked for a series of accountancy firms as a tax adviser. The last was BDO as a Manager, a firm that I know is in France too.

In France the only job I could get was as a cleaner!!!

(Bill Morgan) #346

B’ is just off to take Her Dad to the dentist Mandy :slightly_smiling_face:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #347

That is the trouble Mandy, accountancy is not standard from a country to an other. In Chiquita we used to have accounting account included french account (compulsory) + the american account + the currency + analytical account, no hope to remember them all :roll_eyes:.

(stella wood) #348

@Babeth and @Mandy_Davies

Oh the joys of Payroll … did you do manual payslips or computerised ??

(Elisabeth Morgan) #349

Computerised Stella, thanks god, I did 300 ones last year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(stella wood) #350

Ha ha… when we were first married Payroll was one of my tasks. I did a manual payroll (weekly and monthly) for 2 companies, using ledgers, tax tables etc etc. so I was kept busy.

When computers came “online” I had to do every payroll twice… once by hand… and again by computer… as the workforce were not convinced that the computer would get it right… I was shattered, but I did understand their concerns. :thinking:

Thankfully, after a couple of months… the workforce agreed that I was getting it right, whether on paper or in the computer… phew… :relaxed: (and my door was always open if someone was still uncertain…)

(Elisabeth Morgan) #351

What is a bit difficult where I work, is the amount of different contracts (France could be a bit complicated sometimes :thinking:). We’ve got 5 different ones, and of course the taxes are differents for each one… Oups, not 5, 6 !

(Mandy Davies) #352

I know from my own bulletin de paie just how complicated it all is. So many different deductions. If you had to do each one of those by hand it would take an hour just to do one person!!!

(stella wood) #353

It is amazing what you get used to doing…

and, of course, the Payroll Sheets and Payroll Slips were each a part of the multi-page Master Set with carbon paper or NCR depending …

That, plus a good calculator with printout (for double checking)… easy-peasy… well… almost … :thinking:

Let’s just say, I earned my keep…:relaxed:

(Mandy Davies) #354

Sounds like you became a bit of an expert Stella. I never had to prepare payroll I just had to review the work of more junior staff so I got the easy job! All computerised thankfully.

(stella wood) #355

Thankfully… I fell pregnant… yippee… that was a really good reason to hand-in my Notice…:hugs:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #356

Réduction Fillon, what a treat :dizzy_face:

(Bill Morgan) #357

In Belle Île en Mer, so, Souris d’agneau de Belle Île, New potatoes de Belle Île, and cheese de Belle Île. Good to support the quality local produce.

(Jane Williamson) #358

Sounds good Bill.
We have just had some of my homemade raspberry ice cream.

(Bill Morgan) #359

Barbied courgette, tomatoes, mushroom, sweet potatoe (thinkin’ about an onion) and pork chops :grin:

(Mandy Davies) #360

Sausages, from outdoor reared pigs of course :yum:

The very last of our Christmas present from my Mum. From these people. Best meat I have ever tasted.


(Catharine Higginson) #361

Very mild Chicken curry, cauliflower side dish and some stuffed peppers as the rice was a bit of a fail and needed to be re-invented as non curry style rice!

(Bill Morgan) #362

Well adapted Cat’ :+1: :yum: