Whats for Dinner Tonight?

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It’s the specifically Indian fresh spice mixes I miss, Mandy, I 'm not familiar with Vietnamese dishes and not very keen on Chinese cuisine maybe either because we like our curries very hot! But I’ll have another look on-line for suppliers as you suggest.

Eggs are a very complete food. We only have four hens but their output is prodigious and has never faltered during our (almost) three years here. There have been very few days when there isn’t at least one egg in the nest even throughout the last two winters, and we’ve given away a couple of hundred too. They keep coming. We think it’s because they are free-roaming birds and seem to spend almost all their waking hours scratching and pecking. I expected them to have a few weeks off from egg-production, but I can’t say I’ve noticed if they did!

(Mandy Davies) #22

It sounds like an online supplier would be best for you.

Lucky you to have hens. Beautiful fresh eggs every day must be so wonderful. Lovely to read about them.

(Bill Morgan) #23

Drat it! too late, story of my life! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Anna Louise Augustin) #24

…Saucisse de Toulouse, very well grilled, and mashed potato, and green

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(Jane Jones) #25

There is a truly wonderful shop in Lyon called Bahadourian that is just stuffed with nearly everything you could possibly want in the way of condiments and spices. We make trips down there specially to stock up, and there are also other épiceries nearby (plus a lebanese wine shop, as sometime you do want something g other than French wine!)

I’ve not used their online service, but they seem to do one, here…


(Jane Williamson) #26

A good idea for adult sausages on the barbecue or under the grill is toulouse sausages split, spread with dijon mustard and wrapped in bacon.

(Jane Williamson) #27

Thanks for this Jane. It is a far better use of our crit’air sticker than going to the hospital.
We have an asia shop in Macon and Grand Frais too.
There is a turkish shop too where I can buy haloumi.

(Jane Williamson) #28

We used to let our hens roam free, but we lose them to the buzzards, so they now have a large run.
They only go off lay if they are moulting.

(Bill Morgan) #29

Wondered if it was that Jane, became addicted when I lived in Portugal, lovely!!!

(Jane Jones) #30

Have you tried the park and ride around Lyon? We haven’t yet as haven’t quite worked out whether it works for non-commuters (i.e. whether there are spaces left after 10.00am) so interested in feedback if anyone has used them.

(Jane Jones) #31

And do you make it here? We find it’s one of our favorite easy comfort meals to make, especially for cold grizzly days. We regularly get morue salée from fishmonger, but recently have found our supermarket sells packs of pre-soaked morue. Not quite as tasty, but makes it all very quick.

Just had the leftovers for lunch, and equally good!

(Jane Williamson) #32

There is a Portugese shop in Macon as well.

(Bill Morgan) #33

We do Jane, but not easy to find the Bacalhau here, the portugese say there is a recipe for every day of the year :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #34

Butchers beef burgers, haricot and onion sauce, and because I’ve been ‘good’ CHIPS!!!:yum:

(Bill Morgan) #35

Sadly, Jane, the Portugese shop in Vannes has closed :roll_eyes:

(Bill Morgan) #36

Couscous tonight :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #37

Duck Tajine with basmati and wild rice, I think :thinking:

(Jane Williamson) #38

We have just eaten sliced potatoes, onions, capers and lemon zest layered and seasoned.
Cover it all with Oxo liquid.
I buy breast of lamb and bone it out, slice it and put it on top of the vegetables and then into the oven at 190 .
We had purple sprouting with it
Just the thing for a miserable damp day.

(Bill Morgan) #39

Sounds great Jane :+1:
Found oxo a week or so ago, surprised my French Wife actually Likes it :yum:

(Jane Williamson) #40

Your duck tajine sounds great too.