Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Mark Robbins) #383

Glad you enjoyed them, I’d have preferred James and Cat’s pizza :grin:
Had fish and chips tonight

(Helen Wright) #384

Home made fish and chips or takeaway Mark…???

When my kids and grandkids were here we spotted a fish and chip van in Josselin…(I’d never seen it before)…and all the time we were out we were hoping it would still be there by the time we got back…they can have fish and chips any day they want in England but we really wanted to try French fish and chips…

Got back and it was gone…

We did eat out once…my son and daughter ate snails for starters…my son ordered a Breton burger that had a slice of andouille sausage on it…lol…he took one bite and the rest of the evening was took up trying to get the smell off his fingers and the thought of retching off his mind…and hiding the burger under layers of serviettes until we could get out of there…x :smiley:

(Mark Robbins) #385

Takeaway, fish and chip shop, indian, chinese that’s a joke… nearest one is 40k away. Lucky if we can get a pizza here.

Yes, home made (except oven chips done in an air fryer):grin:

(Anne Marie Huet ) #386

That sound delicious bill . I will try this when I get some porridge xx

(Jane Williamson) #387

The only take away round here is pizza and that is a round trip of 14k.
We eat at lunchtime and today it is savoury rice with the remnants of the chicken after it has fed us over the weekend.
Cook it yourself chinese.

(James Higginson) #388

Landaise special, really good duck and chips!

(stella wood) #389

Confit is excellent… has a good shelf-life and always tastes amazing…

So long as there is confit and red wine in the cellar… we shall survive…no matter what… :hugs:

(James Higginson) #390

Hector is going crazy at the aroma of duck fat permeating the house!

(stella wood) #391

I’m not surprised… delicious… I’m almost going crazy myself… :relaxed:

(James Higginson) #392

It was good!

(Meghann Robbe) #393

I made spaghetti and salad (but our salad had tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, hard boiled egg, pickles and cheese) A lil american for my hubby but he enjoyed it!

(stella wood) #394

What was on the spaghetti ??

(Véronique Langlands) #395

Haha confit for supper here too!

(stella wood) #396

Duckpond pie…

Chopped/shredded confit de canard in its jelly but no fat (plus a drop of liquid)… sweated diced onion/red pepper/mushrooms…all in the bottom of a wide pot that gets topped with mashed potato/sweetcorn mix… finally grated cheese over the lot…

Hot oven 180c fan… 15 mins or so 'til bubbling… then brown it under the grill…

yummy !!!

(Véronique Langlands) #397

Vegetable curry: sweet potato, parsnip, red onion, carrot, potato, celery, butternut, tomato, garlic.

(Peter Goble) #398

I boiled up a broth of three tablespoons of home-made chicken stock, a vegetable and a volaille bouillon cube, a litre of water, and added some pasta nouilles for 8 minutes. Tasty and satisfying. Dessert was 8 small squares of Lidl white chocolate. Saved some noodle-broth for lunch tomorrow.

(James Higginson) #399

Curry tonight, what you having?

(stella wood) #400

gosh that is mouth watering…:grin:

Sadly, just a pizza tonight, with salad, coleslaw and anything else that leaps out of the fridge…

But I’m looking forward to trying your recipe later in the week…

(stella wood) #401

@james Your Curry inspired me to greater things than just pizza… we now have an apple crumble mumbling in the oven… smells delicious… :hugs:

We’ll have it with some ice cream later on…

(Jane Jones) #402

Off to the telethon… so soup, morteau sausage and morbier.