Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Bill Morgan) #41

It was a good buy the Tajine Jane, Madam bought it for my birthday :+1:

(Ann Coe) #42

Does she like Marmite though Bill ? One of my French friends found it ‘disgusting’ :joy:

(Mandy Davies) #43

That reminds me about the time I gave Marmite to my French step-son to try. He found it so disgusting he had to clean his teeth and then complained about the lingering taste all evening!!

(Bill Morgan) #44

Ha Ha Ha!
Neither Her nor I like M’te, V’te or Bisto Mandy, She is, I am delighted to report, a great cook :yum:

(Bill Morgan) #45

Change of plan, pork chops in mustard, cream, white wine and cheese, with rosties :slightly_smiling_face:

(anon64861675) #46

Your recipes are absolutely tantalising Jane and so straightforward; please write a book!

(Jane Williamson) #47

My signature dish is ballotine of guinea fowl.

(Bill Morgan) #48

Recipe please Jane :yum:

(Bill Morgan) #49

Our Butchers Sausage, Ratatouille, Pomme Noisette :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane Jones) #50

Am I the only one who still eats fish on a Friday? (Nothing to do with religion in my case, just family habit learnt from others) Anyway, curried yoghurt fish steaks, with rice and the final crop of kalettes.

(Bill Morgan) #51

You must ‘dish up’ the recipe Jane :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane Williamson) #52

We always have fish pie on Christmas Eve.

(Catharine Higginson) #53

James is making pizza!

(Jane Williamson) #54

My James can cook egg and oven chips.

(Bill Morgan) #55

Roast (Our Farmer Neighbours) beef, roast spuds and green beans :yum:

(Bill Morgan) #56

Chips Jane :yum:

(Bill Morgan) #57

Change of plan again! Millefeuille de Gallette, starter, then Paella and a light dessert :yum:
Beef in the fridge for tomorrow night :+1:

(David Martin) #58

Was cannibalism something you picked up I now the merchant navy Bill? :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #59

Just a healthy appetite David :smiley:

(Bill Morgan) #60

So, ok, you all starving for lent? finishing the beef here Chez Morgan :yum::yum: