Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(stella wood) #61

Dinner tonight was fried eggs on toast… but for lunch we enjoyed a cow-pat pie… piping hot and just what was needed after a brisk march in the freezing sunshine… brrrrr… but at least it was not snowing…:relaxed::relaxed:

(anon54681821) #62

tonight i had eggy bread with paprika along with beans and burgers.

(stella wood) #63

I’m glad you call it eggy bread… I do too, since childhood… but I have seen it described as “French Toast” in more recent years… no idea why…

(anon54681821) #64

i soak the bread for at least 2 minutes each slick, have to take the bread out with a tool or it breaks apart its that soggy

(stella wood) #65

Yes, I like to use an egg for each slice + tiny dribble of milk… and let it soak well into the bread…

My Mum would have used less eggs and given it just a quick dip… With 4 kids… it was a way of getting us fed on very little… :hugs:

(Bill Morgan) #66

Pintade au Choux, need to shop for the ‘bits’ to make your recipe Jane. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #67

And the rest of it tonight :grin:
Stella, what is “Cow Pat Pie”? , the mind boggles :thinking::wink:

(Bill Morgan) #68

Chilli con Carne :yum:
Still a meal for the freezer, Pintade, a good one from the ‘Priory’ :+1:

(anon88888878) #69

Oh god - Chilli con Carne - one of my all time favorites - salivating :tongue::tongue:

If it could be followed by Baked Alaska - filled with Haagen Dazs Speculoos / Caramel - then I can die happy!! :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #70

So your not on a diet Simon :laughing:

(anon88888878) #71

Hell no - I’ll do that when I’m dead Bill :plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery:

(Bill Morgan) #72

Me too Simon :rofl:

(Jane Williamson) #73

If you have a pintade without giblets I use chicken livers.
Also, I find that if you use the foie gras you do not need the yoghurt and watch the eggs, or you will end up with a farce that is too wet.
It is delicious hot or cold and feeds six.
I use pintade because pheasant is almost impossible to find here and the cost is exorbitant.

(Bill Morgan) #74

Thanks for that Jane, all noted on the recipe printout!
I miss the Pheasant too (nearly had a nice one stuck on the front of the car yesterday), used to have as many as I could eat given in Scotland, then 50p a brace at the butchers to dress them. Had a good recipe with cream :yum:
Tonight is looking like our butchers sausage, onion sauce and chips, Madam has a school meeting after work, so will be late home :neutral_face:

(Catharine Higginson) #75

Multi coloured pasta with ‘fridge’ sauce!

(Jane Williamson) #76

We are going to a friend’s for dinner tonight.
She is in the process of getting french citizenship for her son, so we are going to pick her brains to see how they go about here.
It seems that we have to go to Dijon for interview, not Macon, which is the capital of our Departement.

(Mark Robbins) #77

Don’t know about dinner tonight yet, but I’ve just had a king size sticky rib pot noodle :grin::grin::scream:

(Mandy Davies) #78

Don’t tell anyone but I’m a bit partial to the Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle. One of my guilty pleasures :shushing_face::open_mouth:

(Bill Morgan) #79


(Mark Robbins) #80

I wont tell if you dont! I quite like a Bombay Bad Boy too :fire: