Whats for Dinner Tonight?

(Bill Morgan) #161

Not chips Mandy, :yum: Madam did take me out for a sarnie and chips for lunch, so that ‘fix’ should keep me going for a wee while!:slightly_smiling_face:

(anon54681821) #162

tonight is pizza from pizza van for kids and me and the missus is random menu from wok Saigon. Lunch was duck aiguillette , pasta and veg. Followed by En France, fresh cut French Strawberries and creme caramel desert.

(anon54681821) #163

Toulouse actually has a decent veg cafe and loads of places offer veg options round up. nothing massively fancy but better than the token omelette or scrambled eggs as a main.

There is also a place in the gers Austin’s cafe and hes a veggie himself.

(Bill Morgan) #164

There were some good ‘eateries’ in the market in Toulouse too! Still thinking about tonight, still digesting a good kebab at lunchtime :wink:

(stella wood) #165

Pasta bake tonight… depending on what I find in the cupboards and the fridge…:upside_down_face: All that sunshine has worn me out…

Change of Menu… OH has requested Carbonara instead…:hugs:

(Timothy Cole) #166

Out for dinner at friends house tonight, no idea what we’ll have but we know due to illness their Christmas turkey never got cooked so our monies on a full roast etc, have packed a packet of Paxo’s sage and onion stuffing just in case, oh and if I have to wear a silly hat out of a cracker we’ll be leaving early!

I’ll post an update tomorrow.

(stella wood) #167

We’ll def need a photo if you get offered a paper hat… :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #168

Saucisse de Morteau Lentilles, carrots and onion of course :+1:

(Jane Jones) #169

Pumpkin and prawn risotto. Last pumpkin from garden…they lasted us well.

(Catharine Higginson) #170

Jacket potatoes, bavette from Brent Curtis (well his cows!), green salad and split peas. :yum:

(Paul Flinders) #171

Steak haché, sauté potatoes and salad.

I’m not exactly a haut cuisine chef :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #172

One of my specialities P’ :+1:

(stella wood) #173

Carbonara went down well… OH has made another request… have to wait until Monday when I can buy some marscapone… I love using Antonio Carluccio’s recipes… :relaxed::hugs:

(Timothy Cole) #174

Whilst we had an enjoyable evening last night the food wasn’t good. Now at this point I must admit that I’m a fussy eater so any host would probably dread me coming to dinner. I passed on the starter of melon and mango in anticipation of roast turkey and all the trimmings, boy was I disappointed. I knew that the turkey was already dead, I just didn’t expect it to be killed a second time. The bird had been cooked, cut up with the meat wrapped in a stuffing then a second wrapping of bacon, possibly cooked again and served cold. To accompany this were roast potato, roast sweet potato, stewed gem lettuce and cauliflower all swamped in a gravy which had the consistency of sump oil. Pudding was labelled as ‘chocolate cheesecake’ (wrongly so IMO) and had a bizarre taste and texture. There was a final course of cheese and crackers, a lump of rubbery French supermarket cheddar and the devil’s food (goats cheese) stuck on a Jacobs cream cracker.

So no paper hat, no ‘pigs in blankets’ and no Paxo. Poor show!

(Mark Robbins) #175

I don’t know what’s for dinner tonight, but it’s Sunday morning and I think a good, proper fry up (a rare treat) will get the day off to a flying start.

(anon88888878) #176

@tim17 Too early for that level of detail ! Yuk :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

(Bill Morgan) #177

Don’t know about din, but a Galette Saucisse will be partaken of for lunch, at the Vide G’ in Vannes :+1:

(Jane Jones) #178

I do accept some people can’t cook…but why oh why would you serve up plastic wrapped supermarket cheddar when surrounded by such a wealth of cheeses? If a visitor brings me over a lump of good cheddar I’m happy, but I certainly don’t seek it out here. What’s wrong with a nice 24 month comté?

(Mat Davies) #179

Cantal is very similar to cheddar also.

(anon88888878) #180

Our local Super U and Intermarché both sell an extra strong cheddar - nothing wrong with it at all. And yes I do eat some French cheeses, and some Italian, and some Spanish, and some Dutch - if I like it, I like it :slight_smile: