What's in the winter skies 2021/2022 + photos


We watched Venus and the Moon yesterday evening when we got back from work. As the other two have been visible in the south-western night sky for quite a while now, they are things I tend to gawp at when I’m taking the bins down to their drop-off point !

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I have several friends and family (all astronomy experts)… who are “up there somewhere” and I like to have a quiet chat, while I marvel at our skies here… we can see so much more than we could in UK…

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some fabulous photos…

Can’t seem to view that page. Not sure why, but the embedded picture I can see is the Great Orion Nebula, which coincidentally was my target for the first astrophotography session I have managed since late September. I managed to capture about 7 hours of exposure late New Years eve and early New years day. I’ll post a photo when all the processing has been done.

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Don’t know why you can’t open the link…
It’s a straight forward BBC News item… but here’s an idea of some of what’s on offer…
It makes an interesting read, too…

Thanks @Stella . There are a few there on my list of future targets including the pinwheel galaxy, seven sisters and the aptly named pacman nebula.

Edit: As for the link, I’m on a VPN that makes it look as if I’m in the UK. I think this may be why bbb.com addresses dont work. I’ll try it on the main PC, which isn’t on the VPN later.

I think that’s hilarious…

Tonight’s the night… 4th January 2022


Vain hope at the moment. We’ve had DAYS of freezing fogs. Getting very depressing. :frowning_face:

Oh dear… we’ve had a few days of sun/bright/perishing… and tomorrow it’s back to rain :roll_eyes: so I’ll have to wait a while to seek Venus in the mornings.

Sky? Haven’t seen it in nearly a week.

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There was a yellow/orange thing in the sky around 08:30 this morning when I did the bin run.

Anyone know what it was? It’s gone now.


It’s bin and gone then :joy: I’ll get my coat :slightly_smiling_face:


3rd April 2022… The Early-Bird catches 'em…

The weather here has been so bad, that I haven’t been able to get my telescope out since the 1st January. There was a brief interlude later in January, but I was back in the UK for a family funeral. Since then, not a single suitable day. Bloody awful.

If you’re not sure where Uranus is… :wink: check tonight… 3rd April