What's on your desk?

Try as I might to be tidy, organised and minimal, it just doesn’t happen.

I’ve just had a major desk tidying session and been amazed at what was on the desk and in the drawers. So I thought it might be consoling to find out what bizarre things other people have stashed away. In no particular order here are ten things I found in / on my desk.

  1. A strap from one of the horse’s rugs - to be re-sewn (obviously)
  2. My first ever pair of shoes - pink leather from Harrods!
  3. Book of ten tickets for the local pool
  4. Disposable razors (hidden there for safe keeping from the teenage daughters)
  5. A heart shaped stone
  6. A pig that changes colour according to your mood.
  7. A Winnie The Pooh thermometer (last used about 5 years ago)
  8. Nail clippers ( same reason as no 4)
  9. A Mozart cassette tape - I last owned a tape player in…
  10. A Marie Therese silver dollar - sadly not the rare and valuable kind.

    And you?

My hubby is doing a desk move at work today. Items to move:
1 Montblanc pen
Glasses for VDU Use

That is the extent of his desk - I don’t know how he does it. In our office at home, my desk is always full of stuff whereas his is always clear (unless my junk migrates onto his desk whilst he’s away - much to his annoyance!)

I can’t even begin to list what’s in my desk although I do also have a pink heart shaped stone, but I can assure you there are some bizarre items like an Esso Tiger Tail - remember those from the 90’s? My pencil case from high school including about 5 protractors which of course I will never use but may pass onto the kids - good excuse to have 5 kids then. One old tipexed protractor each…just need to work out how to get rid of the graffiti SF 4 ?? Oh those were the days.

So is it a woman’s thing? Are our desks like our handbags? Or are there any men out there with busy desks?

Nice James

The dogs paperwork as I cannot get the whatever they’re called to send me his new card.
Book of doll postcards
Measuring tape
bits from childs 'shape posting box game.
2 pairs of broken glasses
Tourist leaflets for events which happened in May. missed most of them
Rufus Wainwright CD
clothes pegs
several post-its with tel nos. Problem is i have no idea whose they are
NO COMPUTER. Its had to go to the HP computer hospital in Outer Mongolia or somwhere similar.

Just been doing my budgets and finished in time to have a little break earlier this evening. It’s looking particularly tidy if a little tatty, or scabby, where I come from. Complete with wind up mug.

Too many to list, but in Catherine’s list, number 6 reminds me of a old girlfriend who had the same capabilitiy…

Oh great! Someone as organised as me! Ok, this is what my desk and drawers contained just before we left for France:

  1. Nail clippers (blunt)
  2. Broken light bulb, put there weeks ago as an aide memoire to buy replacements.
  3. Miscellaneous collection of rechargeable batteries - all flat because I can’t find the charger.
  4. Lock of hair from eldest when she was a baby.
  5. Odd collection of those little chocolate square they give coffee in restaurants and bars.
  6. Collection of pens that no longer work (don’t ask me why!).
  7. Packet of Rizla cigarette papers.
  8. Yellowing newspaper clippings - I cannot fathom why I went to the trouble of cutting some of them out and keeping them.
  9. Little silver bracelet engraved with my date of birth - now sadly corroded.
  10. Box of 10 CDs - empty - why was I keeping the box?
  11. Collection of manuals for every appliance we have owned. I found one for a kettle that had “died” about 10 years ago, but there I was, carefully preserving the manual. Who needs an instruction manual for an electric kettle anyway!
  12. Four plugs cut off dead appliances (presumably including said kettle). Just in case I need a plug or a fuse. Fat chance - they are so old, they are rusty.
  13. Two pairs of old prescription glasses/spectacles and those naff clip on sun shades.
  14. Tube of blue shoe polish - shoes long gone in bin but you never know…

Well, I’d better stop now.