What's the deal with this property Wikia?

I see the advertisement on SFN and I’ve also seen some reactions through my site properties-sales-france.com where Property Wikia is trying to spam my sellers. Their offer sounds very good: free real estate advertising and if you don’t sell within 8 weeks, they pay you 112 euros a week! To good to be true actually.

Also, on the site I see all kinds of great offers how you can earn 285,000 euros in five weeks. Seems a lot like a pyramid scam to me. You have to buy a ‘stake’ to be able to make money, which you only can by finding more sellers.

On the other hand, they seem to have only one house on offer in Dordogne. The site is more about finding sellers than selling houses.

Anybody know how it works? People with hands-on experience? I’d like to know what’s going on for certain before I start telling everyone it is a scam. Would not want to be accused of slander, now.

They paid £109.00 one off investment to have their home as a Property Wikia HQ, but they can list property from anywhere in the World. I know my friends would not have invested that money if they had not looked into this and asked the sort of questions you and Andrew have been asking on here. I am keen to see what happens. If all goes well for my friends they could be £8k better off when all 4 properties they have listed have sold. Happy days.

The question is... did your friends have to pay to get their own area? And if so, how much?

Hi, I first came across Property Wikia from a couple of friends who run a successful home based business, however I took a look at it with an open mind, I must say I have been very impressed, the guys who have started this up have a lot of experience in buying and selling homes. I too was concerned about the fact they pay out so much money, but they have four other successful and profitable businesses that are providing capital for Property Wikia. I think it is great that anyone can list their property on the Property Wikia site for free, no commission fee and the company are currently selling property every 8 weeks, but if they don't they pay the seller £100 per week in compensation. I should think the company will want to sell the property as quickly as possible. But for the sellar they can't loose. Either the property is sold or they are paid £100! Can't see any estate agent offering the same! Still will be interesting to see what happens, so far my friends have listed 4 properties, they have only been in the business for 4 weeks.

No idea Gregor but it certainly sounds way too good to be true… if they realy do start paying people for not selling their houses they’ll go bust within weeks if not days given the current market!

…scam, I don’t know enough either to comment on that :wink: