What's the etiquette?

I’ve just had a rather macabre thought, but what is the etiquette, in this world of social media, to inform the rest of your network that your bucket has been kicked?

Hahaha: Old Nick tweeted Nick that....

Echo-y hahaha!

I don't know why I thought about it, but it would be strange for say, the network of people you know on here, just to be thinking that you're off line.

...and then what happens to all the rubbish we've babbled, does that go to the electronic pearly gateway with you too?

...Do your "Friends" on the same network have to sit around dimmed computer terminals for a week?

Anyhow, as you can see, still very much alive, "not even a dent in my bucket yet" - Famous quote from "Oor Wullie" - I think.

Still very much alive and happy to be so.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Brian.

I have my contacts!

Thanks for the birthday wishes - and good luck with Morgan Freeman on your "To do" list


Val, the third option is that he has had too much alcohol and is not sure whether he wishes he was was dead or is already dead and wants the world to know about it. :-D

Start with a macabre laugh... But interesting question. I doubt very much nearest and dearest are going to rush off to SFN, Facebook, KinkedIn, Twitter, etc and say 'My beloved Horace has just succombed to X' but is more likely to ignore it all and hope that accounts lapse alone sometime between now and the day of reckoning. I have had enough Alt Kameraden pop the proverbial clogs over the last 10 -15 years to say that I have never been informed via social media directly, but have heard alone the electronic grapevine. Indeed, I have sent messages to people I got out of offices bounced back from and thus it was a long time before I found out. Just one, thank providence, has died on the job, meaning work, to whom I was supposed to report on completion of report/contract and on that occasion I had to go round the houses a bit to find out, but eventually did.

I think that unless a modern form of will leaves detailed instructions about who to inform, then it is likely to be the here to eternity option with people finding out by chance. So, sum ergo, no etiquette known probably.

Lol, Nick, what a thought! Oh, I get it, it's because it is now (00:40) technically your birthday - happy birthday Nicky!! I wouldn't fret about it for two reasons:

  1. Some idiot would probably beat you to it, as happened to Morgan Freeman (also Bucket List) this week, who posted that he had passed and it went global. But happy to say as far as I know he's still around being fabulous.
  2. Secondly, you've been watching Medium or Reality TV too much as you'd be very clever to inform your network of your demise from the other side.

Happy Birthday!!