What's the point?

I had to go to the supermarket twice this morning because I found I had no masks in my bag.
Never mind. Masks are now compulsory, but…they have reopened the trolley bays, so instead of the kerfuffle at the entrance where you get a sanitized trolley or hand in a dirty one for the staff to sanitize after unloading your shopping, you get your own dirty trolley from the bay, push it into the supermarket, and sanitize it yourself.
Can anyone else see how that might not be the most hygienic idea?
Not that it was great that people had to congregate around the entrance to wait for trolleys, and put the dirty ones in the clean when the staff weren’t watching!

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The trouble with sanitizing is you can’t see if you have done a good job.
There have been stories of contract cleaners working in the NHS being told by supervisors “If it looks clean, don’t bother with it.”
My own feeling is that the most important things are still, wear a mask, observe social distancing and wash your hands.
But what the hell do I know? No more than anyone else. . . .


Maybe using a supermarket is not a good idea. Are there no small shops near you… or a pharmacy where you can buy masks…

It’s okay, I have the masks, they were just not in my bag as usual.
I am limited with shops, our large village/small town are a bit limited, as is my opportunity to travel further afield, so I rely on the supermarket. I will have to be French and take my own shopping basket maybe. Hope they don’t ask me to sanitize it.

Is there fines for not having a mask for the person ore the company?

for the person, 135, I think.

We take our own sanitising wipes with us for cleaning the trolley and keep our hands away from our faces whilst in the supermarket. Once the shopping is in the car boot, and the trolley returned, we then go back inside the supermarket and use the washbasin in the toilet facilities to thoroughly wash our hands. Then exit the supermarket without touching anything and you have nice clean hands which won’t contaminate any surfaces inside the car.

Once we arrive home, the shopping is then either placed in quarantine for a week (canned goods etc), wiped down with sanitiser (freezer and fridge items), or soaked in baby bottle sterilising solution for fresh fruit and veg. Just takes a bit of organising with a clean and ‘dirty’ area on the worktop or table, and one person doing the wiping and the other ‘clean handed’ person doing the putting away.
It’s a way of doing things that we developed at a time when I had a very low immune system for several months that kept us infection free, and it seems to be working just fine in the current situation as well. This system does take a little extra time but we feel it is worth it for the peace of mind.


I where plastic surgery gloves I don’t think the supermarkets do any cleaning of them

Wearing gloves is pretty pointless as they are easily contaminated, and can lull you into a false sense of security. The virus can’t get through the skin on your hands!

So far better to keep your hands clean, and be conscious of not touching your face while you are out. Wastes less plastic too…

Our supermarkets have an area for you to clean your trolley. I do, but clean my hands more.


Agreed Jane. That’s just what our vet told me months ago when all this started and her husband came back from the shops pleased as punch because he’d been wearing gloves and she pointed out the moment he touched something clean with contaminated gloves they were worse than useless.
In a controlled, clean environment like an operating theatre gloves are useful. In shops/restaurants etc, much better to have bare hands and use hand sanitiser frequently.
I clean my hands with sanitiser as I come into the store, after the assistant on the weighing scales gives me back my veg and the minute I finish at the cash till.
I also spray the handle, the bag hook and the back of the child’s seat of any trolley I use.


I had heard that gloves were useless, so never considered them. Using your own sanitizer sounds like a good plan.

We have sanitiser in both vehicles at all times and use it every time we come out of a shop etc.

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We put sanitiser on the table when we invite our friends for a meal in the garden.

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The real problem starts when you try to take them off, without letting the outside come into contact with your hands. Most people would find washing easier.

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Did anyone try sanitizer shots by accident?

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No, we were at the start of lunch!

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Wanna bet?

You could not imagine the pain when I use hand sanitiser, but you have to do what needs to be done :persevere::persevere:

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Well if you remove your skin to make it easy for the little buggers…:upside_down_face:

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oww! It stings when it gets in the cuts on my hands.

Ouch. Looks like you might really benefit from some surgical gloves, and perhaps also from some gardening / DIY gloves as well.