What's your favourite French commercial?

I'm not really into commercials, either TV or cinema, although I know some people who'll happily sit in front of the telly throughout an advertising break and/or insist on arriving at the cinema well ahead of the scheduled screening of the film because, "they simply can't miss the trailers and commercials."

But a friend recently sent me an email with a link to her favourite spot and that made me realise I'm not immune to the humour and entertainment contained in some, even if they don't necessarily make me want to go out and buy what's being plugged.

Anyway, here are two of my favourites - neither of them especially recent.

The first is for the online dating site Meetic and the second for Canal+ television.

How about you? Do you have a favourite French TV commercial?

Flower by Kenzo

(the one commercial I regret not having done and I've done many)

My favorite add is the one for the lactel milk, with the dad and the little girl, where the dad is trying to get her to say papa and she always says 'mama' until in frustration she knocks over the carton of cereals all over the floor, the mum walks in and asks who did this mess, the girl finally says 'papa' blaming the dad. Too cute!

Chanel 5 with Audrey Tatou

Excellent, I’d forgotton the Brokeback mountain one! now she’s doing the leclerc ads.

My favourite are the M6 ones on how they go to great lengths to research their programmes - the bloke who ends up in the ikea wardrobe etc.