What's Your Favourite TV

OH and I love watching so many of the TV Series when they come on dvd… and the Christmas Specials are a bonus… :hugs:

Meet the Midwives is a firm favourite…

A program on BBC Four last night was looking at what people were watching 40 years ago in 1979…
One program that took my eye was Boys from the Black Stuff by Ian Bleasdale.
Cracking stuff.

Another one which made me howl was Tommy Cooper on the Parkinson show. In this episode, he was trying out his guillotine trick live on stage but forgot the safety catch… lucky for Parky an eagled eyed techie on stage noticed just in time, dived across the stage and set it before TC released the blade… “just like that”


BBS must have clashed with something else as I don’t recall that …(but your link had me chuckling)…

YES, Tommy Cooper… he would have us in stitches… “jus’ like that”… :hugs:

Boys from the Black Stuff was brilliant! Maybe now it would be run of the mill, but I remember everyone talking about it, the politics behind it and the effects of the recession. Yosser Hughes as a character (Giss’a job) still sticks in my mind.

Tommy Cooper you can keep. I hated him and all those sorts of comics.:no_mouth:

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Just shows how different we all are… :relaxed: :upside_down_face:

Martin Shaw in one of his best roles in my opinion…

What ? Better than Doyle in “The Professionals”…:rofl:

Yep… he never rocked my boat in that particular series… :rofl:

Jesse Stone movies, (from the Robert B.Parker novels) Tom Selleck in the lead role, love him…

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Not seen any of these! I used to love Dr Who…

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~Ah yes… wonderful stuff… I preferred the early episodes best… and Tom Baker was the last “real” one for me… :hugs:

I could watch Porridge with Ronnie Barker all day long.


you been a bad boy then timmy?

Never spent any time inside Graham but have been locked up overnight several times. :grinning:

Porridge was superbly written and I can’t imagine anyone else but Ronnie Barker playing Fletcher.

I don’t use DVDs anymore, except for a few old treasured ones. Currently streaming Engrenages and Inspector Montalbano on cold evenings.

Engrenages I have enjoyed, and it’s helped my repertoire of gros mots in french too…

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