Any good suggestions for where to buy a wheelbarrow? We are not too far from Macon so close to most big shops. Went and had a look in Gamm Vert in Charolles and was hoping somewhere else might be cheaper.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

There are many places to buy them. What I would suggest that if you can find one, to get one with a solid foam tyre. I have replaced three inner tubes recently and just bought a new tyre for one of our three wheelbarrows.



Thank you for this.

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Brico shops or builders merchants Gedimat Point P. Just found this on the Weldom site.

I absolutely agree, inflatable tyres are to a wheelbarrow what ink cartridges are to a printer!:persevere:

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Thanks! Will check it out.

I find two-wheeler brouettes much easier to manage then one-wheelers, especially on soft or uneven ground.

Good tip. I did see one of those at gamm vert but it cost about 200 euros! Will follow up the suggestions I have seen on here.

Bricomarché (well mine) has a tipping wheelbarrow/trailer with 4 wheels so good for all terrains. It will carry a 250 kg charge and the price is around 45 euros.

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