Wheelchair world

You'd have thought getting a wheelchair would be a sad day, but it's turned out to be awesome. This is because wheelchairs are absolutely feckin wonderful inventions and should be free for anyone who needs one.

Oh... ang on a mo....they are.

I keep getting in and out of it, adjusting the headrest makes me squeal with delight and have already sung to it and stroked it adoringly. The cat is sulking. The OH is singing as we speak, he has a bad knee and will very likely be borrowing it at some point.

Not sure why it took me so long to acquire this bit of techno wizardry. Even less sure why it took so long to realise that really, all I had to do was ask my GP for an ordannance. 2 years after giving up the artisan work, I feel great. I have an appointment on thursday for the dreadful adversaries, "Pole Emploi/CAP emploi," to ask them to fund me for a french language intensive 5 month university course. I have my sights set on a graphics degree and/or a job with Greenpeace france doing street PR.

If they say no I shall run them down with my wheelchair.

Anyone got any wheelchair stories?

x Jo

She was great fun jo, quite a character, still makes me laugh thinking of all the things she got up to. Young till the very end she was! A real inspiration. I would love to be like her when I am 80!

your gran sounds like fun ! My friend has just found a job in ladies wear at M&S malvern...I shall visit her and head straight for the knickers to start a riot :)

Yes they should! Chauvigny has just been upgraded throughout the town, and is now superficially very wheelchair friendly - all along the main street and in the square. It's all done very well I have to say. Halfway throught the work, I was worried they had not planned for any levelling of pavements or ramps and I went storming into the Mairie to demand an answer from the head of works, I was fuming as they didn't answer my query and I thought they were just avoiding the issue ...only to discover a week or so later, they had only completed the first of two layers of surfacing and the second one bought almost the whole street to the same level. I've had to eat my complaint!

not that one, but a few weeks after passing a 'fit for driving a car over 75' test she then crashed into my mum's neighbours garden, totally trashing the fence. Luckily no-one was home. That was the end of her car driving but she still had her scooter for a while ;)

Ha ha Sus - a friend of mine was in the M&S in Redhill once when some old dear lost control of her scooter, ran someone over and seriously injured them. Not your granny by any chance?!

I forgot to mention she did a wonderful rickoshay if thats how you spell it, off a shop window once, now that was funny oh and her and my grandma almost got barred from m and s for causing chaos with their scooters in the knicker aisle! Have fun, they certainly did!

Having pushed a double buggy round with a buggy board on the back and 3 kids I now understand the issues of mmanoeuvres on wheels. Canary wharf was excellent for disability access but it shows how difficult it is elsewhere. I often chatted to wheelie friends in lifts and on platforms and discussed the problems of Kerbs, platforms, dodgy ramps. My mum amongst many other new health issues this year has had fibromyalgia for years she’s now got a scooter and that scares the life out of me!

I am currently pushing James around in one and have become a very militant wheelchair rights campaigner! Every town planner should be forced to push a large bloke around for at least a fortnight and we might then see some more wheelchair friendly towns, let alone hospital car parks!