Anything that has wheels![](upload://4Z12mB4gjJz8fMRLD9XN0FmU9fN.jpg)![](upload://4OIEsthuPZwfiRicvIIQDYtg9Cb.jpg).

Nice shots Neil, wheely nice, but..............I was a train driver for 19 years and I'm trying to ween myself off this sort of thing!

The train pics are super Neil

More wheels-I had forgotten about these-at the train museum in Madrid.

Some great sets of wheels-more over on my www.rustynutsandbolts.wordpress.com blog.

Metal to metal, rust to dust.....

Lovely shot Mike, the blue and rust work really well together.

Love that Mike.

Renault Dauphine

Before and After. Naty and Alexis just made me some logos for my Bike.

I had a collection of 15000 pics of wheels ( and spheres ) taken over 8 years...now sadly somewhere in the Sub FBI layer of an HD! :(