When a nightie becomes a daytie

I had to chuckle at this article… since I have a cotton nightie which doubles as an ultra-cool dress during very hot spells… no-one here realizes that it is not daytime wear… and it has been remarked on as looking… so pretty and so comfortable… :hugs::grin::thinking:

As I don’t actually wear anything to bed in the summer but in the winter dress in a long wynciette nightie, socks up to my armpits and a vest, I think everyone here would be shocked if I set foot outside in either case :rofl:


Nah… go on… be a devil… give the folks a thrill…

one of our neighbours would regularly wander up and down the street in his slippers… and when I remarked to OH that he still had his slippers on as we entered the Mairie… he remarked (quite rightly)" just shows I am well on the way to being French… " :hugs:

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Bearing in mind @anon89172871 comments - dare I ask “Just his slippers?”



Good grief… not gone quite that native… :relieved:

I remember in the sixties very sexy nighties which were worn as dresses.

“Some day I’ll wear jammies in the daytime”…

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