When are tax bills due?

We bought in Feb 2018 and it is our only home. As we were not resident on 1 Jan 2018 not liable for Taxe d’habitation until Jan 2019. Paid Taxe Fonciere pro rata so again, not due until 2019. When should we receive bills please not that I am anxious to pay. Hopefully they come in the post and not another website to access.

Hi Linda

Taxe Foncière (the Owner’s tax) … the bills come out from end of August and are due to be payable in October…(date marked on the Bill)

Taxe d’Habitation (the “living-in” tax) … the bills come out from end of September and are payable during November… (date marked on the Bill)

As you will have seen from the many threads about this… bills are often late… however, for a “first-timer” it is no bad thing to check with your local offices… to ensure that the bills have not gone astray (if you have any worries).

So, guard your pennies and wait for autumn 2019… :thinking: