When do you need to make a declaration of travaux

my son has bought a very old house. It is a house so not the subject of a change of use.

However it has never had water or electricity and so he has started the renovation which will include new windows and of course the services just mentioned.

I am wondering if he needs to decalare this work to the Mairie and if so, what level of work being done to a house would necessitate such a declaration.



Tell your son to go to the mairie to talk to maire, secretary or whoever. We have done them over the last five years as we have replaced windows, added veluxes and so on. The maire does not actually deal with them any longer, but apparently could, so he passes them on the district. Then it comes back via him, so he signs and all is fine. On average it has taken about a month. It must be done before any work. The reason for going to the mairie is that they might not want to know or see, just let your son replace on condition they conform to local regulations (for instance, colour) but anything added, even a tiny window, they want to know but generally it is a formality and that is all. By doing it correctly it also gains the confidence of the mairie which means more significant things might be permitted faster in the future.

thanks for that Brian

it would be interesting to know at what point one would need to make such a declaration and at what point it would require the next level of declaration. Adding one window for example - it is small potatoes but at the same time it is structural.



He probably needs just a déclaration préalable unless there is real structural work.