When is a CT not a CT?

I want to give my old car to a friend. The current CT is only 1 year old so to conform to regs I need a new CT. Unfortunately, the warning light for the air bag does not extinguish when I start the motor. This will result in a contre visit.

The examiner at the CT station said that I can transfer ownership once I have the CT and this will conform to the law even though it needs a contre visite. The new owner will then have two months to comply or the CT will become invalid.

This would be great if it is true. My question is: - does anyone know for certain if this is actually the case. The reason I have my doubts is: -
a) The examiner did not sound very confident to me.
b) He had a very strong local accent
c) I am not au courant in French garagiste speak.

The idea of the CT is that the Buyer knows the condition of the “workings of the car”… with and/or without any Advisories/Failures… the car doesn’t need to have “passed”.

It will be down to the Buyer to put things right if necessary… although Registration can be done immediately with the existing CT… warts and all :wink:

Once the new owner has Registered the car… it’s down to that person when/how they get any remedial work done…
If it falls “out of time” then the new owner simply gets a new CT done when the car is ready…

Of course… a car with an “out of time” CT can’t go on the roads… as I recall (??)
and, of course, if the CT examination says the vehicle is “unsafe to drive” it can still be sold etc… but can’t be driven (makes sense :wink: )

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“The sale of a used car is possible even if it has failed its CT and requires a counter-visit. The buyer must be informed of this situation by the seller who will give him the technical inspection report mentioning the defects found as well as the need for a counter-visit. However, the sale must be made within the period between the date of the CT and the deadline for the counter-visit, which is 2 months. The seller must therefore sell his car during this period.”

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That seems to confirm what I was told. Thanks for the confirmation.

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Now to sort out the rest of the transfer documentation…

Yes, it’s true.

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