When selling a house, what does the term 'Cuisine equipee' actually include?

My mother (yes, the same one with the problematic exterior water pipes and the huge bill from Veolia) is selling her house. She has not yet signed the compromis de vente but has signed something in front of the agent immobilier saying, I think, that she has agreed to sell the house to the buyer for the price agreed, blah, blah, blah.

When the agent immobilier took on the sale of her house he made her sign something saying she was selling her house for such and such an amount with 4 beds, 3 bathrooms etc etc and with ‘Cuisine equipee’.

It now seems, according to the agent, and which we were completely unaware of, that in France ‘cuisine equipee’ includes the washing-machine, dishwasher and tumble-dryer. My mother is rather upset about this since all the machines are expensive Miele machines that she brought with her from England. She is already selling the house at a completely knockdown price and is feeling ever so slightly done over.

The agent insists that it is just us being English and misunderstanding the terminology…however, we spoke to my mother’s very lovely French neighbours this morning and they said that according to their experience and understanding a washing-machine and tumble-dryer are absolutely not included in a cuisine equipee, that a dishwasher is sometimes included, but that it is a matter between seller and buyer.

I know there are quite a few people on SFN who are professional agents immobilier so I wondered if anyone knew the actual definition of Cuisine Equipee? Or should we get in touch with our notaire and ask him for a legal definition…if there is one?

PS Sorry about lack of accents on ‘Cuisine Equipee’ but I’m on an English keyboard and I can’t be bothered with all the faff of putting in acute accents…

Merci, Guillaume. It’s very kind of you to reply and thank you for your information…

It really does seem a very grey and potentially contentious area. I phoned our notaire this morning (before I had seen your reply). He said if the machines are ‘integrees dans la cuisine’ then they are included. He said our only hope is maybe if the buyers don’t want to have them since they were bought in England - and therefore parts may be hard to source?!! My mother’s machines are just installed (ie. pushed under, plumbed in and plugged in) under the worktop - they do not have matching doors to the kitchen cupboards or anything. So at what point does ‘installe’ become ‘integre’? Or are they the same thing!!! He said he would get one of his staff to phone the agent immobilier to discuss the matter and keep me up-to-date. So I’m not quite sure what is happening now…!

What upsets my mother so much is that when her and my father bought the house there was no kitchen at all…except a rusty old example of one of those dangerous-looking units that have a 2-ring electric hob right next to a sink and taps. When they had their kitchen fitted at VAST EXPENSE my father couldn’t wait to give the old sink unit away… Then a few months later the previous owner of the house came back demanding ‘his’ sink unit (apparently he’d left it out of the kindness of his heart for my parents). My poor old Dad - rather embarrassed and not wanting a confrontation of any sort - told the man to buy a similar unit and he would pay him for it. He was presented, not long after, with a bill for over 600€!!

There is no legal definition of Cuisine Equipée which is why it is preferable to detail each item sold that is not physically attached to the property (i.e. that would not be dismantled without damaging the property). This can be detailed on the compromis itself or an appendix.

The term Cuisine Equipée does not bind your mother to anything in particular and it is a question to be agreed between the parties (hence the need for a list of items to clarify).

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much, Terry, for taking the time to find that definition…people on here are so kind and helpful :slight_smile:

I found this definition – “A cuisine equipée is a functional kitchen” i.e. it has the worktops, cupboards, sink etc. and probably a cooker and a fridge. I.E., the bare essentials. But ask your notaire to be sure.