When womxn were women

Quite a woman


I think women have never been stronger, more asssrtive, and more broadly accomplished than in the last 20 years or so. Worldwide. There have been fine exemplars in the past but the kudos has been given primarily to women who emulate the successes of men, and perform highly in activities that men admire. The accomplishments of thousands, nay billions of women have had little or no acknowledgement in history, which women sometimes say is actually HIS-story of a male past, seldom HER-story of the same past.

A few years ago… at Angoulême… I watched the vintage Bugattis vying for position … it really was thrilling …

The “winner” turned out to be a gorgeous dark-haired lady… she virtually trampled all the other drivers…as she roared around the circuit… :open_mouth::relaxed: although impossible to tell male from female…in all the racing gear… until she took her helmet off… :wink:

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What about Elizabeth Fry, Marie Curie, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Emmeline Pankhurst?

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What about them? They were deservedly celebrated. I didn’t say or suggest that no women were acknowledged, but the bar is set much higher for women than for men, or am I hopelessly wrong about this? I admit that I’m more often wrong about most things than I’m right about anything at all. :thinking::upside_down_face::clown_face::-1:

I think that when women can get away with being as rubbish at jobs as some men are then we will have true equality.


No, the bar is set higher for women than men, but in Germany my daughter is achieving after having had her two children. This is because she has the right to come back on the same salary level as she had before the children.

Also, she is highly regarded and was given the opportunity for managerial advancement after returning to work.

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Of course, us girls know we are way, way above the menfolk… in so many ways… :sunglasses::hugs::relieved:

Where did that thingy “she stoops to conquer” come from… was it something to do with… women only achieving equality, if they lower themselves to the level of the men… :thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well done your daughter, I guess she has learned about assertiveness at her mother’s knee, and possibly at her father’s elbow.

In the British labour market having children seems to be seen as self-indulgency by many employers. As if a pregnant mother has decided to go and work for the continuance of the human race, without full pay, and so deserves to be put in her place for her disloyalty.

Do you think that the more equitable treatment of women in Germany has anything to do with the leadership of Mutti Merkel?

Poor old Mutti is suffering now.

It is the equal pay legislation which has helped her.