Where are my glasses?

Can anyone help? I've put my favourite pair of spectacles down somewhere and I just can't find them. Searched everywhere but no joy. They are my 'computer' glasses and I'm having to type this post wearing an unsuitable pair, prescription for long distance work. Reading glasses are no good either, just too blurry.

Seriously though, are there special glasses for computer work? Lord alone knows where I got the pair I've lost from. Some online company I guess. I've got about 10 pairs now, mostly for reading from various sources - all prescription and all useless for working at the computer.

Ah, variable tint - now there's a sensible thought. I could go back to the optician I last went to in St Jean d'Angely but he, strangely, will insist on talking to me in a sort of strangled, mangled version of english (I think). I reply in french, his ripostes are mostly unintelligible. It's a sort of surreal ocular otherworld.

Come to think of it, I'm playing at a local folk club tonight and there's a friendly, retired, english optician who will be there. I'll ask that gent, at least I should get some good advice. See now, if I hadn't raised this topic on SFN I probably wouldn't have come to this conclusion.

There is your starting point. Then let rip. I don't use the mantra myself but the scream of anguish I do. Last year, for no plausible reason, I had my bins with me when I lit a massive bonfire. I suspect I leaned forward, they fell off the v-neck place where I keep them tucked in by one arm against all advice. I searched high and low, gave up and went to buy new ones on the back of insurance and using my existing prescription. My computer glasses have a variable tint for screen work of which do far too much, so a necessity. The optician was certainly able to advise and gave me slightly stronger than the prescription for no extra charge. Since I was using my insurance and all, I paid €3 and a bit.

I used to flump but my wife complained about the mess but thank you for the advice (and thanks to Jane too, I'll investigate). You are certainly right though, it will be only through happenstance that the glasses fairy will divulge the whereabouts of the missing lunettes. I remember saying to myself, "Now, I don't need these for this trip so I'd better put them somewhere safe".

Fatal, isn't it? My mind is a complete blank after that decision; they'll be with the odd sock, the thingummyjig you cannot do without, the book you meant to return, the lottery ticket you were sure had the winning number, the only pair of trousers that really fit...I could go on but I'm resigned to being over seventy and that life is just to bleedin' short to worry. Good job I'm a Buddhist. Karmapachenno!

Flump down in an armchair or on a sofa, you will land on your specs. Sod's law at work.

I used to have this problem when I wore reading glasses.

I solved it by getting varifocal (progressive) lenses. Expensive I know, but when you wear them all the time the problem goes away.