Where are you from and where did you move to in France?

Where are you from and where did you move to in France?

Born and educated in UK (Hertfordshire) emigrated to Australia after university. 30 years later missing history/architecture/etc and moved back to Europe. wanted the big old house and no crowds, couldn't afford that in UK so here in the lovely Limousin. Who knows how long we will stay and where we will go next, but my itchy feet keep us moving!!

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Originally I'm from Worcestershire and after getting married went to live near Whitby. We bought a ruin on top of a ridge with the Pyrenees as a backdrop, in the Gers near Marciac. That was in 1989 and it took a long time to rescue the house which is about 500 years old. Now that we are retired we spend about 4 or 5 months there and it is a truly wonderful place to be.

I live and work in Paris,well just outside the periph on the east side,been here nearly 30years.I think its a beautiful city,love how all the quartiers are lived in each with their own identities.Its small so easy to walk around,the people are not rude, as many believe. Sometimes when I'm crossing the Pont Neuf and look all around me I just can't believe how amazing it is that I actually live here. Can't imagine what horrible experience you had Tom.

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Originally Liverpool , then Edinburgh , Yorkshire Dales, Scottish Borders , now happily settled 30 clicks from Carcassonne on La Montagne Noire. Been here almost 12 years , maybe I'll stay!

Hi there,

Made in Denmark, Copenhagen to be more precise. Much later met my English husband to be, when he and his club played the international rugby club I was a social member of. Moved to London shortly thereafter, moved to job there as well. Many moons later after holidaying around France and finally buying an apartment in Provence (13) the dream of running a small B&B never went away, and in September 2013 we finally found the house, where we could do just that, and not far from the apartment, which meant I could do the ‘meet & greet’ myself, rather than paying someone else to do this. Moved in early 2014, very happy being where I am and doing what I gave wa ted to do for years… :wink:

OH Trent has a few Canadian fishing tales too, they were from Cleveland OH and vacationed on a lake up there. We're in R sur A too... along with our 2 dogs and 7 Ragdoll cats!

I'm from Teddington Middlesex, to complete the tale, we moved here in 2004.

I lived in Paris for 10 years. I hate the place. Left for Italy 3 years ago and now live in Florence. It has taken me 2 years to recover from the horrible experience of Paris and I will never go back there. To my surprise I discovered several other people here with similar experiences.

Tell me James, are you still a Browns fan? OH is from Twinsburg and I have to suffer Autumn / Winter browns defeats – sorry, games, and then on come the Indians... love Cleveland, btw!

Born Woodstock, Ontario, Canada mostly lived in Toronto (25 years). Now in the VAR, Roquebrune Sur Argens creating gardens and things, riding my road bike, helping a few people with their fitness goals and managing projects for absentee owners of houses in or Domaine.

If you like the SoF you should visit our little area in the Var, Roquebrune Sur Argens, Frejus. There are a few good deals on houses in this lousy market. My neighbour has a 4 bedroom 6 year old house with a beautiful garden (because I created it) that is for sale for less than 500,000. In the summer houses like hers rent for 2000 per week. Of course you must tolerate tourists in the summer but WTH.

We moved to the Cantal in the Auvergne for 3 reasons:

1. It's one of the cheapest areas to buy rural property; but in the centre of France so easy to visit other areas.

2. There are very few Brits, so encouraged us to learn the language; and immerse ourselves in local life, which is reminiscent of Britain in the sixties and seventies.

3. The Cantal is a beautiful, rural department with villages that still have post offices, pubs, village doctors/nurses, bakers, butchers, etc to serve the local community with fresh produce/friendly services with next to no crime.

Born in London, closely followed by Orpington in Kent and then Staplehurst, Benenden and finally Northiam in East Sussex. Settled in Mortagne sur Gironde, Charente Maritime at the moment.

Used to live in Aldershot, Hants in a 3 bed semi, in 1999 moved to a little village called Pesmes which is between Dijon and Besançon. I bought a riverside property 300 sq/m, 12 rooms and cellar and loft that at the time cost 600,000 FF, about 100,000 € . Had to sell for the divorce, now live with my French wife in a town called Gray in the same region.

Hi Hedy, you are not a million miles away from us then? Just the other side of Carcassonne? We are next over at the end of May, so would be great to meet up. Where are you from on the IoM? I was a GP in Douglas and my wife was Head of the Special Unit at Castle Rushen HS. Cheers, Phil

we are from Stratford/Ct and landed in the beautiful Haute Loire.

It certainly was and still is. Arthur was a good man. I drank more in Ampthill after leaving the Flying Horse. I played rugby for Ampthill from 1983 up to 2005. Still watch them and drink in the clubhouse. and the Engine and Tender.

We are from the island as well xxx

We are also from the Isle of Man Phil Harrison and live in area 11240 if you fancy a catch up. Husband is now retired and we live here full time mow - Daughters and Grandchildren are still on the island. I teach traditional lacemaking.

Used to have the occasional meal in the Flying Horse, a Beefeater if I remember correctly ? Planned at least one of our French holidays in there with friends.

My watering hole was the Stone Jug in Clophill in the days of "Arthur, I'll have 10p's worth with you".

My house cost me £19k in 82, sold it after 4 years for £38k, best property deal I've ever done.

A small world.