Where are you?

I live in the deep south!! Just a little south of Lannemezan in the Hautes-Pyrenees at the foot of the Mountains.

Anybody nearby?

There are a couple of messages on here from me from 2011 but I couldn't remember my log-in details so have re-joined. Still in Prayssac though!

Need to update that - we're now in Carmaux in the Tarn where we run le Jean Guillaume, a tabac-loto, which keeps us extremely busy as it's open 6.5 days a week and we've got two young kids who are now spending more and more time with mamie and papi back at the farm in the aveyron!

Where abouts Andy? We are between Vilecomtal and Rabastens de Bigorre

Hi Jonathon,

I have played in a couple of local groups, although they would be too far for you I think - one in Masseube and one in Boulogne sur Gesse. Also, they have both been windbands - no stringed instruments unfortunately.

I would suggest tracking down the ecole de musique in Bagneres as they will be able to help you find fellow musicians and / or bands / groups needing players.


Plenty of ex Brass players around but a bit spaced out i mean that in the area sense though there were one or two in my old band we werent sure what they were playing, Martin could be the guy to speak to as he is playing in a group of musicians

No I haven't but if I can get it on my Kindle, I'll take a look. Keep in touch :)

Thanks, Damaris.

At the moment we are not in France full time but plan to be in early 2014 and various works are now going on on our house, so we won't be there until late January (assuming all goes to time!).

I will be in touch and would be happy to meet up in Lourdes. Have you read Ruth Harris's book on the town?

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome :) I am in Lourdes so not far from you at all. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything or want to meet up for a coffee.


We are just outside Bagnères-de-Bigorre, so close to Lannemezan.

Is anyone aware of any cellists, or more unlikely, lutenists in the Hautes-Pyrenées?

Hi Martin,

I will be back in Lourdes from September 2012. I've lived in the area for 6 years on and off - would be great to keep in touch! :)

Well, if you ever fancy visiting Montreal again I am usually to be found drinking coffee outside the bar [the one next to the épicerie, on the square] at around noon every Friday, after the weekly market. Just ask Mario, the owner, for Chrissie! lol Or we could do coffee somewhere half-way-ish like Eauze, Valence, Courrensan... ?

Oh Chrissie thats not so far.... yes Ive been here 10 years. Pentecote is the worst but that was much better (in my opinion) this year. Tempo Latino has a better atmosphere though. Montreal is nice I recall, but Ive only been there once, to a restaurant.

You're not that far from me, Maria. I'm a bit farther north... just outside Montréal du Gers.

Have you been in Vic long? Tempo Latino later this month... it will be a crazy place! lol

I am in the Gers, just south of Vic Fezensac !

Currently renting near Lannemezan (La Barthe de Neste), but have just had our offer accepted for a house between Montrejeau and Saint Plancard in Haute Garonne, exciting times ahead!!!

Hi everyone

We have been in Saix, near Castres for 3 months, is there anyone near to us?

I'm in Cologne (Gers), a little village nearL'Isle-Jourdain/Mauvezin and about half an hour away from Toulouse.

Yes, we're 1st on the right coming from Mazerolles. I look forward to meeting up in the New Year, my email is laviniaexham@hotmail.com, hope you have a great time over the Christmas holidays!

Would love to meet in the new year - just about off for xmas. send me your tel no/email and we'll give you a call in Jan. my email is sholu.pande@gmail.com fancy you living so near and us having no idea!! ps. 1sy on the right coming the mazerolles way? Happy Christmas!