Where can you buy nice beds in France?

Trying to find a couple of nice beds for sale the sort which you would find in Maison du Monde…
Area of Libourne, Bordeaux is not too far away.

Any bright ideas?

What’s your style? Maison du Monde has a lot of options across the style spectrum…

Are you looking for bedframes, mattress, bedding?

Cheers. I’ve been looking too. My thought is to get a local artisan to custom - build a standard frame, to fit the room, get the best mattress (Eco-cert approved) and then for bedding I hadn’t gotten that far yet. :slight_smile:

Had you thought about this store in Libourne, Grand Litier? I have no idea if it’s any good. I just did a search on Libourne France matelas


It is for a friend…she has just moved here. Yes Maisons du Monde is perfect.
Just about to tell her about the on line choices…but, of course they can not be
seen before you buy.
Thanks for your input.

I had my bed made by a firm in Bergerac, double sprung base and 2mx2m mattress made to my specifications, I could choose everything down to the pattern of stitching on the mattress and the fabric that covers everything (linen). It was fairly quick and I think represents good value for money.


Interesting. Where abouts in Bergerac Vero?
It is beds for her gite probably 2 doubles or larger.

It was a firm on the Bordeaux road pretty much opposite literie 24, there are several but the particular one may well have moved or no longer exist. It just looked like a bog standard bed shop only you could have a bed made to order as well as ready made. I can’t remember what they were called, I went there on a recommendation. They took a couple of months to make the bed and the mattress and delivered them just before I had my youngest daughter. EXCELLENT bed.

Thanks she may go and have a look.