Where do all you gardeners live and which department? Add a pic of your garden and house if you like!

I think it would be better to have where we live on a discussion board for easy referral, otherwise it will be lost on the group wall, so I will start with mine on here.

I live in Southern Brittany, Ille-et-Villaine, dept 35.

They are amazing aren’t they, but you’re not doing too bad yourself, great colour choice. I was really impressed with my daffodils this year, until I saw all these lovely tulips; excuse the prunings fire in the background!

Jacqueline, I just figured out how to attach the two PowerPoint files about the Keuchenhof Bulb Gardens in Lisse Holland so here they are. I’d love to turn my back yard into something like this. Enjoy.

Thank you Jacquiline. I plant to have masses of color and to have something blooming in all seasons starting with tulips in the Spring, Hortensia, Marigold and other summer annuals in the Summer and then the Chrysanthemums in the Autumn. These are the photos of the tulips of a couple years ago. They are up but not yet blooming this year.

Very beautiful James, such a cheery sight all that lovely colour, thanks for sharing.

We live in Le Centre, in the village of Combleux a suburb of Orléans. This is where Jeanne d’Arc started her war against the English to drive them out of France so it’s a historic preservation area. There are a lot of great photos in this threads. Let’s see if i can add any of my Hortensia and Chrysanthemums.

That is very kind of you, Jane. Yes, I would very much appreciate some tips and I would love to see your flowers up close.

my children went to same lycee but they all grown up now.If you come to sevres ,look me up asI work from home and I can give you a few gardening tips as nborth facing gardens arn’t easy but I can grow amazing clematis which are my favourite plants.My house is about 100m from the Sevres swimming pool

Hi Jane,

Why, you are right next door. My daughter goes to the International school there. Really lovely part of town. I saw the photos of your flowers - stunning!

Alas, my garden is like yours - north facing. Plus we have all these hideous government buildings around so sun is at a premium. I put in some hostas last summer and a hortensia. We’ll see how that goes. The gladiolas I planted 2 years ago have never bloomed and should probably come out. Some dahlias (the drag queens of the garden :slight_smile:

The bed you see in the photo is the sunniest part. A little sun in the morning, a fair bit in the afternoon at the height of summer.

hi victoria…you don’t live very far from me.I live in Sevres The last town before you get to Boulogne billancourt porte de st cloud.Is your garden south or north facing?

Hi, I live in Versailles. My garden is definitely a work in progress. When we arrived a couple of years ago, the garden of our rented flat was a real mess. The previous tenants hadn’t raked the dead leaves in years. Moss everywhere. No worms or insects. First step was to clean it up. Second step was soil rehabilitation - lots of compost and horse manure (my husband is convinced that someone in our building is going to turn me in for sheet composting - is there a “compost police” in France? :slight_smile: This year the soil looks good enough to start planting more than just annuals. In any case here is the state of things right now. Any suggestions would be most welcome - think of it as a blank canvas…

Chicken poo is fab - we used to buy pellet made of it when we lived in UK - no need now!

Well I have dare I say, sprayed the weeds on the potager waiting for them to die down a bit, then got a friend who is going to dig it over for us, then add a lot of the chicken shit hay which was in their shed, (apparently it’s meant to be better then horse poo??) and hopefully add some horsey poo, and then hoping for a better year yield wise!

Thanks - it is a lovely sheltered spot, usually feels a degree or two hotter than in the garden by the house. Been busy preparing the soil for what seems like months now. The weeds will be beaten this year!

Jacqui, I would love a sheltered potager like yours, it looks great! mine is so open it catches all the north wind unfortunately, so lets hope the summer will be kind to us this year!

Welcome to the group Charles. Your garden looks lovely, especially as you say you have created it from a jungle! The area where our potager is was waist high grass and weed, so I know the work involved, but it’s worth the effort. Hope you enjoy our group, feel free to ask/offer advice and join in.

We are near Valence d’Agen. You can’t be very far from us.

I live in Tarn et Garronne. Clay underneath, but on a slope. Have cleared a jungle and planted shrubs and roses. Just taken out 40 wild plum trees and various poplars. Have established a Rhodo/Azalea area which is growing madly. Would like to meet other garden fanatics to talk plants and gardens.

We are in the south of Deux Sevres and this is a pic of our only flower bed - I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t quite as good as that last year - we are very mean with the watering as we tend to give preference to the veggie plot;

Mygarden is here in the Vienne, near Chauvigny. There's no power so this is what happened to my WINDMILL

last winter when I ran out of money to add support cables to the pole...all you eco-warriors beware. Its not cheap being green.

If anyone's interested, the windmill link is to Centre for Alternative Technology, where they have the best collection of courses and books for small-scale energy production in the UK

a french site is here

this cold-frame cost 10 euro and a strained hip muscle to build...