Where do you get replacement tyres from?

This is surely something that touches every motorist… where in France do you go for your tyres… and would you buy second hand ??

Our garage :slightly_smiling_face:, and no I certainly wouldn’t Stella :roll_eyes:

Wouldn’t buy 2nd hand or re-tread, France or otherwise.

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Normally Euromaster as we get a discount for having our assurance with Macif. Have also used Leclerc in the past when they had a really good deal on.

Not used second hand ones ourselves… but…

OH changed the wheels on his car and went for a different size…(boys and their toys)… thus we were able to oblige a neighbour… whose Citrœn HY needed better tyres. (gosh, they were appalling and the MOT man was quite justified in his remarks).

Anyway, one happy neighbour…with a set of very-nearly-new tyres … and one happy OH who came home bearing goats cheese and apple juice by way of payment.

(PS. we kept the original wheels and they went (as a gift) with the car, when it was sold some years later).

…And if I had a £ or even a € for every time he tells me how he wishes he had not sold that *** car …:zipper_mouth_face:

I use Euromaster. I once bought a set of secondhand winter tyres and rims from a friend who had used them for one ski holiday. I used them for years. Normally I would only buy new.

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I’ve used 123 pneus previously, good prices and they will deliver to a local fitter/garage


My Ford main dealer are expensive, even the workshop manager told me to go elsewhere!

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Must say James, our local garage prices are ok, they have regular promo’s on Avon and similar ‘quality’ pneus :slightly_smiling_face:


Main dealers too expensive here, mind you they were the same in the uk.

If you’re really in to saving some cash you could fit them yourself, although I would not recommend this course of action! I had enough hassle changing the tyre on my ride on mower.

@Zoe_Buckley If I recall correctly you have some skills in this respect?

My Honda motorcycle’s tyres were cheaper from the main dealer than from anywhere else I looked. Much less hassle too.


Many years ago, our Peugeot garage… could not match the prices we found on the internet (forget where)… but was quite happy to fit and balance them for a few euro…

Recently, … the garage changed hands… and the new chappie matched the price within a few euro and threw in fitting/balancing for free…

Good customer relations… great garage, very reliable.


We get ours from a local EuroTyre garage, usually Continental for both the car and the van. If you buy a decent tyre, keep them at the right pressure and drive sensibly your mpg will improve and they should last 40k+.

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Black circles France .Will send them to a fitting station of your choice …not expensive.
NEVER second hand …they are a bit like a whore … never know where she has been !!!

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On line 123 pneu.fr or 1001 delivered to local garage fitted for 19 euros per tyre

Didn’t realise that Black Circles operated in France, have used them in the UK and been very satisfied.

Depends on the garage though and I quickly discovered that the place I picked could do the same tyres slightly cheaper (cutting out BC’s share of the profit, I suspect) so I’ve bought from them since (with occasional arm twisting on the price match front).

Found our garage in Malansac very fair, for quality brands, so wouldn’t go past them Paul.

We always use used tyres from Careco, I can choose them online which gives tread depth and details about the tyre so I can pick one or two identical ones.
Nearly everytime I got new Michelins with the little logo on each tread.
I have my own tyre fitting machine so I can inspect the tyre as it goes on, any problems they go back for replacement free.


Do you have a link for the Black Circles France website.

Have you informed your insurance?