Where do you shop?

(Catharine Higginson) #1

Market? Farmers market? Local shops? Direct from the farm / producer? Or in Carrefour?

We have a weekly AMAP veg box and have been eating far more veggies as a result. I'm about to order a load of meat direct from the producer - we've previously had a whole pig - and chickens tend to come form the supermarket although if I can I get them from the farm. I used to have a supply of oven ready farm gate chooks at 12€ a shot which sounds a lot but they were twice the size of free range 8€ supermarket chickens so worked out cheaper really. Interested to hear where you all shop and how you balance quality / price etc etc?

(Chrissie Ott) #2

I get my fruit, veg and cheese from our weekly market (or my neighbour’s potager!), wine by the carton by visiting local domaines, and pretty much everything else from LeClerc. If I could find local suppliers of ‘happy’ meat who would be prepared to sell in small quantities (just me here, with small freezer) then I’d switch…

(dorothy escott) #3

I trawl the publicity and rarely pay full price for anything. I plan menus around the offers, lamb on offer, we eat that. Grow an enormous amount of veg. and am blessed with loads of fruit according to season.I don’t shop in any one place and I find I get a good deal on almost everything.Bought a load of wine last week from Lidil starting at 1.99 all winning a gold medals in Paris ,All excellent value. I like good quality and will not sacrifice buying cheaply. I just buy less, 1/2lb of good instead of 1/lb inferior. We eat more veg or bread
to eke it out.
Dorothy Escott