Where labour costs the most (and least) in the European Union

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Bearing in mind how much of the very cost-conscious Auto industry has located there my guess would have been Slovakia.

We spent time in Portugal about 9 or 10 years ago … with a family who work on classic cars… we were astounded at the quality and the prices for rebuild etc… and the whole gang reckoned it would be worth the cost of sending our cars there… since the hourly rate was only a few euros… :upside_down_face::wink:

Slovakia is a popular destination for auto industry for two reasons -

  1. it offers Tax Holidays and huge support for foreign large-scale investors to attract new jobs (only for statistical purposes).
  2. Already established as a Auto industry giant, all the technology and skills are already there, making it easier to get all the parts produced in the same country. This minimises the costs of transportation or any import duties, further lowering the cost of production.

The majority of people working there are workers from Serbia and Ukraine willing to work in these conditions. The locals are fed up with the miserable wages and working conditions. So I believe, this would not be a valid point for people seeking to start a business in a different industry especially because the government does not value self-employed and small businesses.