Where to buy a campervan?

(Josephine Over) #1

I have friends coming to France from Australia and they want to purchase a small second hand campervan. At the moment they are looking at a site in Holland. Which country is the best for them to purchase a van from? I know the prices in France are high for vehicles of any kind. They have seen a 1994 VW 1,9TD pop-top 2 berth camper for Eu4,500 on the Dutch site. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. They are planning to tour France for a year or so and will be house sitting for me for a month.

(Josephine Over) #2

Thank you Marie-Claire Gauthier, apparently I should have posted this on the forums. I will tell them about the possibilities and definitely warn them about parking up at night.

(Marie-Claire Gauthier) #3

The Dutch and the Belgians are really big into camper vans, so those are definitely good places, especially as they are usually careful with their vehicles. I think it's more and more difficult to find a spot to spend the night though...