Where to buy a .fr domain - no hosting required!

Up to yesterday our French website domain name was registered with 1and1.fr, but due to my incompetence, I've managed to completely cancel my contract with them so the .fr version of our website's down.

Given that they want 60€ to let me have my domain name back if I can't wait 30 days to re-register on the open market, I thought I'd take my business elsewhere, preferably to an English speaking company.

All suggestions gratefully received!



Thanks Tony. Your idea was more or less what I was planning on doing as I knew the French site is hosted within a folder (I think) of the English site. Anyway, when I looked at the FTP accounts the French version sat at .com/fr so I've altered the links from the flags and the contact address, so the French website is at least out there again, accessible from the English version. All I need do now is contact GdF to alter it on their website.

Thanks too to Brian for your advice. I'm beginning to feel much less like chasing after the domain now I've managed to lose it, particularly if the fix works. There's not much out there in print so as long as it's findable online, that'll do - unless I'm being very naive here!

Brian is absolutely correct and you could face a delay, or worse, if http://www.chezlachouette.com/ is OK and it is http://www.chezlachouette.fr which is lost for now - it may be simpler to make a folder or sub domain for your French site now and use this, for example, http://www.chezlachouette/fr/.com/ or fr.http://www.chezlachouette.com/ - when you do get your old .fr domain back you can redirect this to your French pages on the .com site

Good Luck

Thanks Tony.

I'll give them a whirl once my domain is available again!


For a .fr domain I find http://gandi.net the best people to deal with, totally reliable an efficient

good luck.