Where to buy an outfit

Next June (2020) our daughter is getting married and already her fiance’s mother is asking what I’m going to wear so that we don’t clash.
I hadn’t intended shopping until about next April for my outfit but was thinking perhaps I may get a bargain at the end of this summer here in France.
I will be spending about €300 on the dress and jacket but can be a bit flexible.
Any thoughts on where to look near Angouleme/Perigueux please.

Galleries Lafayette in Angouleme or a day trip to Bordeaux to visit their enormous store during the Summer Sales starting at the end of the month.:dress::womans_clothes::high_heel::boot::handbag::blush:


Mother of The Bride - does warrant something a little extra :hugs:

Do you have a favourite colour, which you will be looking for in any outfit. If so, you can warn her - so at least you will not be in the same colour. Surely, that is the only area of possible concern.

Personally, I would find it nigh impossible to buy a year in advance for such an important event.

I thought I was being unusually ahead of myself, by deciding in May what I would be wearing for a wedding 30th August. Mind you, I haven’t needed to buy anything. I have too many clothes which have never/rarely been worn.

I bought a hat 5 years ago, for an event which never materialised, and this will be its first wearing (other than titivating in front of the mirror). :hugs: I’m so excited. (OH and I are honorary-grandparents of the Bride)

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Galaries Lafayette Limoges might be worth a visit too.

I love traipsing around Limoges itself (lots of little boutiques) and I can lose myself for ages in the GL Store :hugs:

Having said that - Perigueux has loads of lovely little boutiques and “ladies” shops.

I reckon you will be spoiled for choice :thinking::hugs::upside_down_face::flushed:

Just tell her the colour and leave yourself time for relaxed-shopping.

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Apparently it is not the done thing to get a lacy off the shoulder meringue white dress to someone else’s wedding - but if you want to get attention…

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123 have things that would probably be suitable. It depends on what sort of wedding it is, more or less formal!

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What about Printemps? We were doing a bit of shopping last December and found a few things in Printemps. When we went to pay they asked of we’d like to join their loyalty scheme which provides you with a sort of credit card only valid chez-eux. When you sign up and use your card for the first time you get a 15% discount. We thought that a great idea, so put back the articles we were about to buy, went home and made a list of everything we needed including Christmas presents. A few days later we pitched up and bought all the stuff and got our 15% off.


Thanks everyone. I will have a look at 123 and Printemps and perhaps hit the summer sales.
I remember Galaries Lafayette inParis have a champagne bar. Do they have one in Limoges or Bordeaux? Just to make the trekking round more bearable. :champagne:

I don’t have a favourite colour but apparently mother of groom likes purple so I told daughter I definitely won’t be wearing that colour!

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Well, that’s that then ! Just force yourself to avoid purple :hugs::grin::rofl::upside_down_face:

Having said that - back in the swinging whatever decade - I had an outfit I loved. Purple-velvet-floppy cap, purple and white floral “floaty” top, black flared hipsters - wow ! (well OH thought so, anyway) :hugs:

Purple has never seemed quite right on me since those long-ago days :thinking:

I had a purple trouser suit complete with peaked cap when I was about 12 thought I was the bees knees along with my pendant watch!

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Back in the day, I had a pair of 501’s converted into mega flares with purple velvet - thought they were so cool :astonished:


I am sure they were.

I would look at the July sales in UK.
John Lewis perhaps or Debenhams.

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Just a suggestion, if cash is the issue. Buy a simple plain sleeveless linen dress in a muted colour and splash out on a cotton or silk shawl in a rich colour that you like. You can get several formal occasions out of the same simple dress by just changing accessories: shawls, bags, jewellery, etc…


I saw this online but no price. I bet it’s expensive.