Where to buy your gear

Where have you found the best places to buy camera equipment? Online or otherwise, please post them here.

Try this link: http://photography.shop.ebay.com/Camera-Accessories-/3327/i.html?_catref=1&_fln=1&_ipg=&_ssn=goshotcamera&_trksid=p3911.c0.m282

Hello again, as I suspected they are on amazon.com.

Hi Linda
The link doesn’t work. Are they listed on Amazon perhaps?

For those of you using Nikon D3100, I have found an excellent permanent screen saver on Ebay. It slots over the eyepiece and then the eye cup slots onto it. It is very good, and vastly superior to those stick on ones that tend to peel off!
It is called GGSlll DSLR LCD Screen protector. Company is called GoShot Camera website:www.goshotcamera.com
Although based in the USA, the service and delivery time was very quick. I ordered it on 20th March, and it arrived 3 days ago.
Hope this is helpful.

I highly recommend Grays of Westminster for the Nikon aficionados amongst us, service is second to none.

Four years ago purchased a Pentax istd which was about 30 euros more expensive than on line but they threw in a 2gb card so price was about the same. Also demonstrated the various points of the camera. I also bought an HP 8700 large format printer for the same price as on the web - I think we should support our local businesses where possible.

For cameras / lenses i tend to wait till the hubby in the caribbean - cant beat the duty free prices in st maartin :-)

for my lighting gear and tripod n such look on amazon its the bags i have a problem with cos i love my tamrak bags


Thanks all for your recommendations, the question came from a friend of mine, I'll send him over here. Happy New Year all!


The best deal I got was at Stanstead Airport. I was after a Nikon D40X with both lens, I looked at all the on line prices (we buy most things on ebay as we are power sellers ourselves) but Dixons at the airport were best (you can phone for a quote and they will hold them for you to collect), and I still got the cashback! I saved over a hundred pounds on the price.

I buy whatever I can on Canon uk’s ebay site, its sometimes quite hard to find but it is always there. I got my 5d body £400 under list price. All I could see different from a new item was the box had been opened and ripped, you get the same 12 month guarantee. I have also used ebay companies in Hong Kong, I use only the ones with an impeccable selling record. You sometimes have to pay import duty but it’s still cheaper.