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I am currently registered for healthcare with RAM as dependant of my wife as she has a Siret number and running a business. Recently, on reaching 65 I received an S1 for both myself and my wife who is not yet of state retirement age.

My question is where to I send my S1 in France - to RAM, to CPAM, to PUMA or somewhere else ?

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Peter Thompson

But since your wife is running a business, she can’t be classed as your dependent so she shouldn’t have been included on the S1.
I imagine CPAM will be able to process the S1 for you and ignore the fact that it also mentions your wife, but if not, DWP might have to re-issue it correctly.

Hi Anna

I got two separate documents, one for each of us. Neither mention the other person.

If I send mine to CPAM does that not mean I have to re-register as an individual with them or with PUMA and de-register as dependant to my wife on RAM?

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That’s fine then, just use yours and put your wife’s in the bin or send it back with an explanation.

The point of the S1 is that from now on your own healthcare costs will be borne by the UK. So yes, because your status has changed you need to register for healthcare in your own right as an S1-holder. This will automatically supersede your previous registration as your wife’s ayant droit, which would have ended soon in any case because the ayant droit status for adults is being phased out.

CPAM and RAM are the names of the organisations. PUMA is the name of the scheme they both administer. I suggest you start off at CPAM, and if they want you to deal with RAM instead they’ll tell you.

Hi Peter…

Are you able to amend your Registration page to show your full name, please…

You are not the first to have overlooked that box “full name required” :relaxed::relaxed:

Done :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t do that…
The document cannot be reissued. File it away with your pension papers in case sometime in the future it is required.

If living in France teaches you anything, it is to never throw papers away…

One of the objectives of PUMA is to register individuals in their own right not as dependents of a spouse. Go to CPAM and register with PUMA.

Make a few copies of your S1 before sending it to CPAM. I had to provide a copy for the impots to prove my exemption from social charges on my pensions.

Well fine, but the document shouldn’t have been issued because the lady is not entitled to an S1. If when she reaches state pension age she is entitled to an S1, DWP will issue a new one (Brexit permitting). If she’s not entitled to one but the OP decides to try using the one he was sent in error, that’s up to him.

I think there’s another thread on the forum about the parlous state of NHS finances and it doesn’t help when people abuse it, but in a sense it’s the NHS’s own fault for being slack, and I guess one S1 more or less is a drop in the ocean.