Where to start

Hi everyone,

Just hoping for some tips, advice, opinions...

I've just arrived in France and my level of French is better than basic but not great. In other words, I can speak the language but I can't hear the reply very well. I had a horrible English virus during the week therefore I had to rest up. I used this opportunity to listen to some French television (which I enjoyed) to help tune my ear to the pronunciation / sounds etc. Sometimes I would put on the French subtitles if I was struggling to follow what they were saying.

Anyways I really want to achieve my goal on this chapter of my life and speak French very well or hopefully fluently. I appreciate that it takes time and effort. I desperately need a job and I thought working would bring my French on leaps and bounds etc.

What is the best way to apply for a job in France?

Is it through a website or newspapers?

I am slightly tempted to approach businesses in person with my C.V. Is this method effective in France?

I am happy to take the most basic of jobs so I can get to grips with the language.


Lucy. xx

Thanks everyone for their input.

I've been listening to some French telly in the evenings but I will see if I can watch some children's tv shows in the morning. I've noticed House of cards is on TV (French dubbed) so I may give that a go.

I went for a French lesson yesterday and the teacher is really good. He's helping me perfect my pronunciation.

Also I've been using duolingo.com which is very helpful. Sometimes some weird sentences come up though.

I think I may adopt the "walk in and hand in the CV with a smile" method. I will let you know how that goes on this thread!

Again, thank you for comments. They are very helpful. xx

well i wish you the very best of luck and without meaning to be negative it is very difficult to get a job in France at the moment...i speak fluent french and have lived in Corsica for 15 years...I applied for over 30 jobs this winter and got maybe 2 replies......fortunately my old employer has taken me back on but only for 6 months whereas I usually would work 8 months.... as Corsica has a very seasonal job market an tourism is crap again this year!"...! maybe where you live its better???......keep checking the pole emploi website as others have mentioned....watch as much tv as you can.....its great for learning french!

As suggested childrens books are not as daft as they may sound. Even watch childrens TV . Thomas the Tank Engine was brilliant as it is said so slowly one can actually understand it word for word.

Hello when I first came to France I used to watch the same programmes, one of which was "le feu de l'amour" its good to watch the same people and follow the story, I am of course not saying watch this programme lol :-)

But concentrate on one programme (series) and try to follow the story, we also had the programme la roue de la fortune, to learn sayings and words, there are some similair programmes on the french tv, this way you learn prononciations and also spellings

My french is not perfect, however I have benefited from the tele and chatting (or trying ) to neighbours, I get by and have a lovely job :-) so good luck to you

When I first moved to France ten years back now I registered with manpower and got my first job in a factory just temporary unfortunately it didn't improve my French as we weren't there for chatting I later found work in a Hotel/restaurant helping serving and cleaning the rooms found this better all round and they were happy to have an English speaking person at hand. Now this job I first noticed on the pole d'emploi site. best of luck and keep on watching French TV it will help.Also join the local library and read as much as you can I started out with children s books

the best way to find a job is definitely through a direct approach, very little is advertised. However, unemployment is at an all time high and it is unlikely you will have much luck with out good communication skills. A bit of a chicken and egg situation unfortunately.

Sign up to the Pole Emploi, they won't give you money but you may be able to get French lessons.

All the best