Where to stop... on our April trip

We’re planning our first house viewing trip in April, hoping that we’ll have our UK house on the market by then. We’re flying into Limoges then heading for Lot-et-Garonne, staying around Fumel for a few nights to view a few properties and show my nine-year-old daughter the area. After that we’re planning a surprise day at Disneyland Paris before catching the Eurostar home. Does anyone have any suggestions where we could break the eight-hour drive from Fumel to Disneyland, perhaps with an overnight stop?

I have done Fumel [well, Lacapelle Biron, 15 mins north of] to Calais many times. Poitiers, at 4hrs, is pretty much spot on half way, in terms of time, to D/land. A gander at the cathedral, a nice meal …

It’s a schlep from Fumel to pick up the N21 south of Bergerac. Google maps says its minutes longer to cut across further south, at Villereal to Castillones, than keeping on going and picking it up at Colombier.

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Poitiers, nine year old child, it’s got to be at least an evening at Futuroscope.


Thanks both. That’s a fine idea.

And there’s a load of the budget hotels around there. I use Premiere Hotels - favoured by men who go to work in vans.

Premiere is the last thing they are but they are the cheapest, they’re clean and the one up by Futurescope is the only one I have ever been in that has a proper tiled bathroom, not one of those GRP mouldings glued into a corner of the bedroom. And, unlike the one at Perpignan, does not look out onto a petrol station car wash.