Where'd my thread go?

I had a thread up with the title 'What if it doesn't work out?' or something like that - and I'm sure I put it up in the AE section. It had some really good links in it given by Sarah and I can't find it now...



I found this in Google Search's cached pages. There are also several more links & I get the impression that perhaps James is putting the thread back.

To search I put the following into Google: "karen thomas" "work out" site:.survivefrance.com

You can get the cached info by clicking on the little down arrow at the end of the second line of each found reference - where you see the technical details of the link.

Oh, heck. It had some links in there that I really need!

Yup! It's AWOL. I had an old link to it but it just says 'oops' on the page.