Where's me Balloon?

OK, I have probably got better things to do, but I was at my workstation fiddling with my Big Mac ( computer ) wife's in the room with the white boxes, and I found the Members' Map page, great. At first glance I thought my God, the place is over-run with expats, Balloons all over the shop, no landmass to be seen…then I discovered the slidey thing…woh-ho, more fun, zoom in a bit and you've got 'Bristol Balloon Fest' at lift off!…zoom right out and the whole of France is covered in frog spawn.

Oh, slidey, slidey….hang on, I thought, I can get right up close here, in I goes, peoples' names and faces are popping up….so, I thought, check out OUR balloon.. Well, honestly I'm hovering over Cap D'Agde ( nose bleed ), nothing, zilch, null points. Folks from Agde..Sian Cooper's there ( hi Sian ) Helen Parker ( garden needs a tidy ) I was in Satellite mode….I skim across, follow the beach…hover over our house ( guttering needs rake out ) nope. I called the missus in…..look… no Balloon! She gives it the old 'never mind dear!' NEVER mind…Never Jolly Mind! I shall be issuing a complaint! I called the kids in LOOK ….ah, no balloon Dad? The little one's in tears..the eldest thinks I should get a life, after all we've been disenfranchised for years…. ( so pragmatic ) I sat them down, look it's a matter of principal..no balloon! we may as well be sat in a layby spit roasting a bl**ding hedgehog…. I'm out in the shed, ah ha! out it comes 'the Old Space Hopper'…haven't used it for years…where's the PUMP! Well, I know Hyper U doesn't do Helium ( I've asked before ) so I start Puming with the foot pump. Ummm, well, there is a finite amount of air you can get into those things….but none the less, It's out there, on the roof, you can see it, OUR BALLOON, go to the coastline …It's the only orange one there.

Well, an argument ensued, wifey didn't want me to post this, not in the Forum, she begged, that's for important issues. What BLOG it? I screamed no one reads those!…well that was it I flew out of the house slamming doors.

Well, I haven't been back for six weeks now. But I'm OK…in the car, bit cold at night…Iv'e seen the divorce guy…I told him, look, it's a matter of principal. …and 'at…'n stuff….drumstick anyone?

Hi Sian,

I have replied to this before....so sorry, there is something strange with my email acc...I keep getting old messages in tranches coming back in?

he gwaan...enjoy!

not at all tempted, I'd just go for it...

you are tempted tho'

jamais, niemals, nunca, never


It's all a matter of scale Brian, but when you're up to the gills with rubble 'n trouble, like?

James is pretty good himself, I hear with both Key Hole and all Aperture stuff....I was thinking I might have a new opening fitted myself ...but is it worth it at my age? not sure I'd survive the after effects.

Good luck BraveHeart


no, no - one must say 'snack' carefully nowadays in case people think it means eating babies from a particular continent...

right, got me large set of x-rays, scans, notes and all and now all I need is my chauffeur, well the boss when she gets back from school run will do... nigh on two hour drive before us... hate being a passenger that long!

so he took the sturgeon's fin, wondered where james was when one needs sfn and screamed

can you say snigger?...

just in case chuckle!

you see that Surgeon, Bri...look him straight in the eye, and firmly shake him by the hand...oh

err Good luck

Reference former statement, there are a lot of Members to choose from...snigger!

well, I can't ask if anybody knows a man with a big prick on sfn, can I? wouldn't be nice.

off to bordeaux to see the bonebreaker soon - what a super week. fun everybody...


I know of a nice little demolition company... wonder if they have a bit sharp thing as well...

@ Brian Milne

and you thought it was all over!![](upload://v0x2X5yb2bwg7ifQcYqeuaRiGYG.jpg)

the Godfather of Pop has done a good job!

and there I was under the sad illusion I'd shot them all down!

read it too, tom clark deserves his own private balloon for that editorial. poor sods in uk...

The Robin Hood Budget