Which areas in France do the Dutch like to live

We live in france and sometimes it feels like we are living in Holland. Where, in france do the Dutch not like to live. Lots of lovely Dutch people I know but just wondering…
Your thoughts please

Certainly not the Minervois

The more expensive parts I whold say

That’s what I would think.

There’s plenty in the Auvergne and Belgians

The flat bits that look just like Holland…


Here in ‘mountainous’ 17 we are overrun with the cheese loving buggers! :smile:

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Saint Pierre et Miquelon.
Maybe the Dutch ask the same question about the Brits!


:joy: Very Hilly here in 46 and we are overrun with them.

Not very many here, there again, not very many of any nationality :wink:

That’s true enough, they don’t like spending money…

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The same way all Brits are lager swilling louts who can’t speak French? If you are making sweeping generalisations that you intend to be tongue in cheek perhaps need to add an emoji or just comes over as xenophobic?

We have had many generous dutch clients. Some even bringing us gifts.


I can’t help feeling that if this thread read BAME in the heading it would have been pulled at the beginning


That’s is the stereotype even my home country

I normally scroll past threads I’m not interested in but this one is very discomforting and verging on xenophobic. Replacing Dutch with Algerian would have people shouting “racist” and rightly so.


Why? Dutch and Algerian are peoples, not races.

Still prejudices and stereotypes

Do I really have to explain?!

Don’t be ridiculous everyone. Loads of people pride themselves on avoiding Brit enclaves!


A friends dad back home runs a caravan park he says when the Dutch comes he can close the on-site food shop he can bring up all the canoes because the Dutch have everything with them