Which French town is this?

I'll do that for the next one Lis :)

hmm, non - not sure, but bulls, maybe somewhere close to the Spanish border....love Vivaldi, however, as it's France and not Italy being 'exhibited' here....and there are lots of French composers, why not use one of them or maybe one of the real good old singers like Georges Brassens, Charles Trenet, Maurice Chevalier or maybe Jean Ferrat or maybe someone else French to make some nice background music? :)

chambery was a ruse Suz ;)

DAX! And I didn't look at the other answers first. Nice video, very nice.

Thanks Mike!

Nice work, James.

Right, missed a few pointers and Dax for sure...

Looks very like Dax to me...

I think Dax.

Would not Saint Saens have been more appropriate than Vivaldi ?

lovely music from Vivaldi had us thinking though

I agree with Michael Preston this is Dax

Bullfighting and Picasso - Arles?

I think I may have overdone the music on this one!