Which newspaper or news channel do you read/watch/listen to?

I must admit having been a terrible cheat (and many other like me). I had a paper round. I had the run of the shop from about 0530 before it opened at 0600. The proprietor's parents who lived above let me in, then I sorted out the rounds for all four of us for which I got paid extra (2/- a week!). Anyway, there was a bit of a 'help yourself' side to the owner, meaning have a copy of one or two comics. I took all of the ones I read. So, Dandy, Beano, Eagle, Express Weekly, Wizard, Buster, Topper and Beezer. I even took Bunty for my sister but never read it - honest! It is a bit late to send me down for my criminal activities now, anyway the shop owner was employing me under age even then so would have been in up to his neck.

Do you remember the Beezer? It was larger than the others so I suppose it could be considered a broadsheet in the comic world rather than a "tabloid".

I have some framed copies of both Beano and Dandy, I think the latter are both pre-Gnasher! Dennis was always my self-image, at school rather than home, on account of the ever present slipper and its use on yours truly.

...more like Piltdown Man.....

Anyway Beryl the Peril had some stiff opposition from Minnie the Minx and Dennis the Menace and others. However, I will concede Dennis was brill though he would have been nothing without Gnasher...

...and I am still as small as the other, but I'd love one of those flying disk things ;-)

Cruel but mostly accurate, sob, but I am taller than him!

Aha, time did things to you so that you are now the spitting image of Digby. Mind you some of us ended up looking more like the Mekon :-(

Wuss! Victor was the comic for real men, Alfie Tupper, what a role model!

NB As a good christian child, I read Eagle, of course, borrowed Victor from my brother in law!

I didn't. I said that it seems you need the wfa despite saving... - that surely does not suggest wealth.

Thank you for confirming your 10% tax saving that Simon dismissed as rubbish - now that WAS funny!

Therefore don't assume that I am rich, 10% of 5k used to pay for 500 litres of oil good for 2 weeks in my old house. Now of course it pays for 1000 litres!

Not presuming, Raymond, just assuming. After all, you did post this a few months ago:-

"I am taxed in UK and in France, so declare in both countries. My avcs have been payable since I retired and are uk taxed since I can't be bothered to change to French tax as they added Equitable Life (now Prudential) and not worth a lot.

I pay 10% tax on my old age pension here as opposed to 20% in uk because my overall income is below a certain French limit."

Do not presume to know my financial situation , I am obliged to lay tax in UK yet I no longer have a vote. Brian's post is on the nail as usual, I object to the way it was done, and would have no objection to means testing for ALL especially if it led to a raise for those who deserve it most. I am considering setting up a demo in Boston, Lincs involving g tea chests, no taxation without representation!

ROTFL Massive 'Likes' guys!!!

Don't forget the Numbskulls - they were in The Beano and the Dandy. :-)


Gotcha, Beryl the Peril was in the Dandy! You were a secret Dandy reader. You have been exposed, the truth is known, you are a ruined man (OK, she was in the Topper for most of her naughty career... Doesn't count though, nja-nja)

Q - "Where is Desperate Dan when you need him now ?"

A - He's running France.....

I was a Topper and Hornet man myself. Beryl the Peril, Splodge and Big Uggy were almost real and William Wilson was Botham, Hurst, Murray, Tyson & Bradley Wiggins all rolled into one.

Beano & Dandy were for plebs !

Why oh why did they close The Dandy down? Where is Desperate Dan when you need him now?

Simon, are you not being Dandyist...?

Nope sorry to disappoint - it's still The Beano....:-)