Which of these top ten French cities have you visited?

Which of these top ten French cities (by population) have you visited?

  • Paris
  • Marseille
  • Lyon
  • Toulouse
  • Nice
  • Nantes
  • Strasbourg
  • Montpellier
  • Bordeaux
  • Lille

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A different question would be, which of these top ten cities would you live in/like to live in !!!


Oh dear. I thought I was more well travelled than thisā€¦

Ah well, I had better crack on and visit these cities!

I canā€™t believe Strasbourg is last !!!

Probably the best city in that list to visit. Probably the best region to visit as well.

Very strangeā€¦

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Define visited? Iā€™ve been to them all but only spent time in a few.

Well I took it literally and answered on the basis of ā€˜visitedā€™, even if only as a day-tripper.


Driving through shouldnā€™t count though.


Now then folks, surely you are jestingā€¦

Who on earth would consider they have visited somewhere, if they have merely driven by or changed trains etcā€¦

Visit means Visitā€¦eg: Hospital Visitā€¦ you donā€™t simply wave as you pass by the buildingā€¦ you go on purposeā€¦once inside, find whoeverā€¦ and hopefully spend some time chatting etcā€¦

Visiting a place by chance or design, surely means stopping there long enough to find out what the place is likeā€¦ perhaps seeking out the spots of particular interest. For me a Visit nearly always includes a gastronomical delight (my favourite), interesting buildings and surroundingsā€¦etc etc.

Iā€™ve yet to visit Nice and Strasbourg, but Iā€™m not losing any sleep about itā€¦ :wink:

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Which of these top ten French cities have you visited ?

Whoā€™d have thought such a simple, simple question could provoke so much pedantic debate. RTFQ and then answer it - donā€™t ask another bloody question! Jeeeeeeez :slight_smile:


But which is your favourite? Mine? Gay Paris of course! But that has more to do with the fact it was just me and my two big girls, at the time young teens (I have 6 kiddies) and the fact I was making a ā€˜One Directionā€™ dream come true!!! Plus, it was spring and beautifulā€¦And on a very sneeky note, I got to go to the Louvre without screaming toddlers! PERRRRRRFECT! :wink:


I live, most of the time, in Montmartre, Paris, and so I have to agree with you. However, one of the reasons for my loving it so very much is that we escape every so often to our home in a wonderful village in Burgundy, where I will retire.


OOoooooooo, that sounds perfect too! Iā€™m in the South West of France and so donā€™t really get over to ā€˜that sideā€™ of France much. I do know though, that it is beautiful! perhaps one day! :grin:

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It is not only beautiful, it has wonderful wine and wonderful food. However and unfortunately, you have the better weather :slight_smile:

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Not today!!! Its horribleā€¦That saidā€¦Last week I was in shorts and tee shirt! :sunglasses:

Jealous me? You bet!


I live in Paris but not really in Paris. I have lived ā€˜inā€™ Paris twice but I now live on the fringes of Paris. Well 5 mins away from central Paris. I would say that suburban Paris is actually better. In fact I would apply that to all French cities.

I was walking around Montmartre the other day.

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Suburban Paris can be lovely, e.g. Saint-Cloud, Mark, but letā€™s not give readers of these comments the wrong idea, there are parts of the banlieue where one would certainly not choose to live, if one could avoid it. Just as in most major cities,

Herblay is a lovely suburb of Parisā€¦ we often visit folk who live thereā€¦only 15 mins into Paris itselfā€¦:wink: