Which plate isn't upside down?

That’s brilliant!

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Just an intelligent guess, but I suspect the rectangular fellow top left is the odd one out? :thinking:

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Looks like the old woman/young woman optical illusion to me… so can be either.

It’s brilliant, they’re all one way up but move your eyes around and they all flip over. I can’t see an odd one out, I can only see them all the right way up or all the wrong way.

I agree with Peter. It’s the rectangular one at the upper left.

If you are only seeing one upside down you are not seeing the full picture.

I’ve looked, and looked , and looked again many times, they all look the right way up, al, the time. You lot must be nuts :joy::joy:


It’s the best optical illusion I’ve ever seen, by far.

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Sorry Mark(“you lot must be nuts”), you’re the one who"s flipped his lids :upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Not seeing the full picture”

That little rectangular chap can see you coming, Mat, and flips himself over to look like all the others. It’s a cunning plastic plot to twist your visual cortex into knots. :twisted_rightwards_arrows: :thinking::joy:

You have to be very quick to catch the rectangular kid, David. He’s the leader, and gives the command to flip to the others. He knows some of them are slow to respond, so waits until they’ve all flipped before he flips himself, like a parachute instructor. The large round type in the middle looks like a novice to me, and maybe needs a bit of help to turn over.

As you say, it’s a brilliant topic, and James is very good at turning up these amuse-bouche dishes, if that’s not a rather feeble pun :confused:

Still don’t see it, I must be disillusioned :sunglasses::sunglasses::rofl::rofl:

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You’re not the only one - they all look the right way around to me and I’m definitely disillusioned (though not about pictures of plates).


I’m not nuts…by changing the angle of view slightly they suddenly appear upside down, but I’m not sure they’re all upside down because by the time I cast an eye over the whole picture, they are the right way up again.

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Exactly Chris: those pesky polypropylene persecutors have got you where they want you. Are you beginning to doubt your sanity? Saying you’re not nuts is a sign you’re not sure, that you are on the non-stick path to madness.

Shape-shifting lizards have nothing on these smoothies. Put your mobile in a bucket of water and go to bed with a bottle or two of Kentucky bourbon. Tomorrow you’ll feel safe again. I know, I’ve got these buggers stacked.

Sounds like a plan…

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Don’t think of using a plastic bucket, though Chris. Can’t be too careful! :scream:

With me they’re all one way or all the other. It’s very clever. At first I thought it was a gif and that there were actually different photos but, no, it’s an optical illusion. Way back in the ‘80s I could also look at those pages of coloured dots that were popular then and see the 3D images that they created so perhaps the two things are linked.

Dare I admit that they all look the same way up to me ?

I think that you, me and Paul must be the only sane ones here :rofl: