(While waiting for the snow to melt)...Do you prefer your Crisps crispy or soggy??

Am I the only person who laughed on reading this article…

Bit early for Poisson d’Avril isn’t it?

Besides, if they were not crisp, you’d have to call them something else (OK, maybe not in French).

It’s the thought of crisps especially made for the female market… does this mean packets will NOT be sold to men… etc… etc… :thinking:

I’m all for equality but this is going too far the other way!

will they ever bring back the packets of crisps with the little blue-paper-twist of salt ???

Already have


Goodness… I had no idea…:grinning: be interesting to see if they make it to France (or have they already?)

They have only just got used to the idea of salt n’ vinegar crisps :grin:

and for the oldies “sans dents”

Ha ha… crisps that melt in the mouth… :heart_eyes: